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'Star Chamber: Incursions' Announced

by Rainier on April 9, 2004 @ 10:21 a.m. PDT

Nayantara Studios, a developer of innovative online games, announced today that Star Chamber: Incursions, the first expansion for its critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game, Star Chamber, will be launched on June 28th.

“We are very excited about this expansion,” said Paul Dennen, Star Chamber’s lead designer. “Incursions will bring Star Chamber’s total card pool to over the 350 mark, and players will have dozens of new strategies to explore.”

Over 140 new cards will be introduced in the Incursions expansion, including ships, weapons, and a new unique race. Players will be able to purchase Incursions booster packs, which offer a random selection of Incursions cards. New maps will also be introduced, as well as some changes to the available sample decks for trial players.

“We’ve only begun to explore the vast potential of the Star Chamber universe,” said Brian Peters, Star Chamber’s producer. “The flexible and innovative design will allow the game to evolve for years to come.”

Star Chamber is a unique online strategy game with a collectible card component. The game can be downloaded from

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