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Unreal Tournament 2004 - Community Bonus Pack 2

by Rainier on May 20, 2004 @ 6:31 p.m. PDT

Atari let us know that they have released the first Community Bonus Pack for Epic Games' multiplayer FPS Unreal Tournament 2004. This CBP features 21 maps (including four new Onslaught maps), four new character models and a new mutator, SpiderSteroids (thanks HomeLAN). Read more for download links ...

Get the UT2004 Community Bonus Pack 2 Off WP (194mb)

Maps :
AS-Thrust by Tynan Sylvester

BR-Aquarius by Muhammad "MozI" Ahmed and Ed Duke-Cox

CTF-Decadence by Paul "Acidpablo" M'Biaka
CTF-Deep by Cory "Spoondog" Spooner
CTF-Gazpacho by Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger and Dave "Anarkist" Kostiuk
CTF-Skorbut by Soenke C."Warbeast" Seidel

DM-Achilles by Philipp "Soma_pu" Urlich
DM-Archipalego by Ed Duke-Cox
DM-Azures by Jay Harrison
DM-Griffin by Kami
DM-Kadath by Guilhem "Gui" Bedos
DM-Khrono by Nick "NeoDuck" Donaldson
DM-Masurao by Chris "Plutonic" Blundel
DM-Reconstruct by Rachel "Angel Mapper" Cordone
DM-Summit by Nathillien Thilsa
DM-TelmecoMex by Rogelio "Desperado#2" Olguin

DOM-Summit by Nathillien Thilsa

ONS-Argento by Rogelio "Desperado#2" Olguin
ONS-Mirage by Jacob "Reeps" Speer
ONS-Tropica by Ed Duke-Cox
ONS-Valarna by Frank "Noz" Bakker

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