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'Besieger' Ships To Stores

by Rainier on May 28, 2004 @ 12:02 p.m. PDT

DreamCatcher Games today announced that is has shipped Besieger for PC in North America. Besieger is a real-time 3D strategy set in a medieval fantasy world in which rival players wage war as either Viking or Cimmerian warriors. Gamers conquer factions of Ogres, Werewolves and Centaurs and smash their way into the enemy’s heavily defended Citadels, while in turn defending their own domains. An official Besieger demo is expect June 3rd.

This story-based game involves a series of quests that determine its eventual outcome. As well as the bloody battles, each player must create an economy to allow them to construct or upgrade 40 types of buildings and more than 50 different units for battle. They will also ‘create’ and train workers for fighting and other key skills. This experience and fighting efficiency carries over as each level is conquered.

The impressive feature set also includes:

  • Powerful DirectX™ 9-compliant, proprietary 3D game engine using real-time terraforming and LoD (Level of Detail), allowing the game to provide zoom-in or zoom-out views, without any fog.
  • Cinematographic and entirely free camera with convenient control modes, to allow for first-person battles.
  • Twelve huge levels with photorealistic landscapes, located in mountains, deserts, forests, etc., with thousands of trees, stones and other objects on each level.
  • Hundreds of high-polygon models boasting skeletal animations and all-encompassing damage model.
  • Realistic sky (sun, moon, clouds and stars) as well as day/night and weather management providing unparalleled immersion.
  • LAN and Internet multi-player for up to 9 players with a variety of modes.

The game is developed by Primal Software and holds an ESRB of ‘M’ for Mature with Blood and Violence descriptors. The official demo will be available at on June 3rd at 2pm EST

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