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NCSoft Launches 'City Of Heroes' Content Update

by Rainier on June 29, 2004 @ 3:30 p.m. PDT

From the far corners of the world, heroes have responded selflessly to the distress call of Paragon City. Heroes like you have taken up the gauntlet, standing tall between an ever-encroaching night and a new dawn. Thanks to you and your fellow heroes, the streets of Paragon City are safer, and evildoers throughout this majestic city no longer rule with impunity. You have earned a job well done and the thanks of a grateful city... but that was yesterday. Today, new threats are upon you. Today, you have to bind up your wounds, strengthen your powers and take a heroic leap--

Through the Looking Glass...

The Features Update goes live tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29--so this is your last chance to download the update and grab a head start!

Be prepared to play in new zones, accept new missions and experience other exciting game enhancing additions. Be prepared for the next level of super-powered gameplay.

Through the Looking Glass includes the following new content:

2 New City Zones

  • Peregrine Island – This zone, north of Talos Island, is home to the secretive Portal Corporation.
  • Rikti Crash Site – In this zone, the Rikti War still rages. Join the battle and keep Earth safe from the alien invaders.

New twists to missions

  • 5th Column Prison – When you’re defeated in certain equipped 5th Column bases, you will have more to deal with than a hospital bill.
  • Circle of Thorns Crystal Prison – Like the 5th Column, if you are defeated in selected lairs, the Circle of Thorns will have a big surprise in store for you.
  • Circle of Thorns Gate Room – The Circle has found a new method of protecting its dark secrets: the Gate Room.
  • Circle of Thorns Orichalchum Crystals – Magic can bring power, or magic can bring pain. These crystals have become infused with the Circle’s dark magic, and heroes will often find themselves surprised by the results.
  • Tech Danger Lab – Technology can be somewhat unreliable. The only way to find out what the Tech Danger Lab holds is to experiment and observe the results.

Outdoor Mission Maps

  • The villains of Paragon City have taken the fight to the streets.

ContactMissionStory Arc Content For levels 40-50

  • The sick amusements of the Carnival of Shadows have turned deadly. Learn the source of their powers on your quest to save a single soul.
  • Expose the darkness in Countess Crey’s closets and bring her secrets to light at last.
  • Begin to plumb the depths of the mysterious Malta Group.
  • Nemesis: How far will the Prussian Prince of Automatons go in his bid to conquer America?
  • As with many new technologies, Portal Corporation’s advances involve great risks. Venture to alternate realities to keep Paragon City safe from the many hazards of the multiverse.
  • Is there any hope for peace between the Rikti and Earth? Not if you don’t keep your eye on the factions that have begun to splinter Rikti society.
  • The Praetorian supervillains may well be the greatest threat your fair city has ever faced. Take the battle to their home dimension to keep Paragon City safe.

Trial Room

  • Sewer Trial Room – Deep within the sewer system, something is growing. Characters between levels 38 and 40 must battle the Hydra to keep it contained – but be sure to come prepared for a long, hard fight.


  • Now your costume can change and evolve with your hero. At 3 locations within Paragon City, you can update your outfit – for a price.
  • At levels 20, 30 and 40, you can earn extra costume slots by performing tasks for Icon’s tailors. Now you can customize your look on a daily basis! You may perform these tasks at any level after the initial level.

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