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'Teen Titans' (GBA) Now In Stores

by Rainier on Oct. 11, 2005 @ 8:23 a.m. PDT

Majesco and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today shipped Teen Titans for GBA. Teen Titans allows you to switch between several characters, each with unique abilities, to fight various villains while uncovering an in-depth storyline containing many exciting twists and turns.

"The unique dynamic of five teen super heroes makes Teen Titans the perfect property to translate into a video game," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing at Majesco. "Combining elements from the show and the Teen Titans Go! comic, the Teen Titans game captures the personality and abilities of each of the characters in a compelling interactive experience."

"The energy and humor of the Teen Titans make them an ideal group of characters for a video game adventure," Philippe Erwin, Vice President of Production for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "In the games, players will get to extend their experience by playing each of the characters from the show and the comic."

"The Teen Titans are one of the most popular super hero teams in the history of comic books and will make great characters for video games," said John Nee, vice president of Business Development at DC Comics. "Now fans of these classic characters will be able to experience the Teen Titans mythology as never before."

Developed by Artificial Mind & Movement, Teen Titans lets players switch control in real time between Robin(TM), Starfire(TM), Beast Boy(TM), Cyborg(TM) and Raven(TM) so they can capitalize on each Teen Titan's trademark moves and abilities. All of the action takes place in a crime-ridden city featuring the notorious villains Brother Blood, Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth. As players advance from Titan Tower to the Hive's headquarters they'll uncover a nefarious plot designed to stop the Titans in their tracks and shake the team to its core.

Additional game play highlights include:

  • Fight more than 30 formidable foes of the Hive Academy, including Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth;
  • Navigate environmental hazards, explosions and various traps set throughout levels;
  • Unleash devastating attacks with power-ups;
  • Thrash enemies and break interactive objects hidden throughout the game to collect bonus points!

Teen Titans is available in stores now for $29.99 and is planned for release on the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube early 2006.

More information about Teen Titans can be found online at

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