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'GTA: Liberty City Stories' (PSP) - 10 New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 18, 2005 @ 2:56 p.m. PDT

The story of GTA: Liberty City Stories takes place 3 years before the events of Grand Theft Auto 3 and we find that our main character Toni Cipriani has returned from laying low for the past 4 years after taking out a rival mob boss for the Leone crime family. Having welcomed him back with open arms, the Don Salvatore Leone is putting Toni to back work under the watchful eye of Vincenzo Cilli, one of his most trusted capo’s.

Features :

  • A BRAND NEW, FULL Grand Theft Auto game all in the palm of hands on the PSP
  • An all new story, all new features, all new missions, all new characters, all new voices, all new music—an entirely NEW game
  • Motorcycles, Choppers, Scooters, Boats, Muscle cars, Train and Ferry systems are all featured in Liberty City
  • Liberty City has been rebuilt from the ground up specifically for the PSP with a brand new game engine (NOT Renderware) built by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North, optimizing the texture density, resolution and particle effects. There are amazing reflections on cars, fantastic in-game physics, and an impressive draw distance
  • 2 years of engineering work have gone into Liberty City Stories and Rockstar Leeds in conjunction with Rockstar North have really pushed the power of the PSP with this title
  • Tons of side missions, hidden packages, rampages and stunt jumps making Liberty City Stories the perfect pick up and play experience that will thrill gamers who have 5 minutes or 5 hours
  • The Grand Theft Auto series has become known for its eclectic and comprehensive soundtracks of licensed music infused with humorous DJ chatter. Liberty City Stories will offer no less than what you have come to expect with new and classic stations featuring hours of licensed music
  • Refined weapon targeting system with an optimized control scheme for the PSP
  • Many safehouses positioned around Liberty City ensuring gamers’ ability to quickly save their game on the go.
  • 3D interiors add new gameplay mechanics and environments unseen in Grand Theft Auto 3
  • The AI of Liberty City Stories is as sophisticated as previous Grand Theft Autos. You'll see all the gang rivalries, police and emergency services, chattering pedestrians going about their daily business as they bring life to the gritty streets of Liberty City.
  • Full host of Grand Theft Auto weaponry including multiple weapon sets never seen in Liberty City
  • New gangs to battle with
  • The return of phone booth missions

Multiplayer Modes :

  • Liberty City Sirvivor : The first player to reach the kill limitor have the most kills when the Time Limit has been reached wins the game. Killing another player earns you a pointbut kill yourself and a point gets deducted. Or team up and kill the opposing gang members.The first gang to reach the Kill Limitor have the most kills when the Time Limit has been reached wins the game
  • Protection Racket : Would you protect it with your life? And some obvious military power? Now you have the chance to prove your commitment, but not just to one beauty, but to four sparkling limos.
  • Destroy four limos at the opposing gang's base. Defend the four limos at your base from incoming attackers. The game is played in two rounds. Each gang will automatically be assigned in the defending or attacking roles. A timer displayed onscreen will measure the time it takes for the attacking gang to destroy the limos in the first round. Once all four limos in the defenders' base have been destroyed, the roles of the attacking and defending gang will switch, and the second round will begin. The time it took for the limos to be destroyed the first round will now be displayed onscreen and will be counting down. The new attacking gang must now destroy the limos within this time limit, or the other gang will win the game.
  • Get Stretch : Each gang must steal their opposing gang's car and return it to their own base while protecting their own gang car from being stolen. You can return your own gang car by driving it back to base or by destroying it. Your gang car will automatically be returned to your base after a short period of time if it is unattended by the opposing gang. You must have both gang cars on your base to enable a successful capture. The first gang to reach the score limit or make the most captures within the time limit wins the game.

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