Supreme Ruler 2010

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: Battlegoat Studios

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'Supreme Ruler 2010' - v4.3.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 6, 2005 @ 1:25 a.m. PDT

The year is 2010 and the Major Powers of the world as we currently know them have disintegrated into bickering economic and military regions. The United Nations has disappeared, and in its place an organization with far sharper teeth referred to simply as "The World Market" has taken its place. Individual Regions are left to fight for power to dominate their neighbors, their countries, their continents, and then the world.

Get the Supreme Ruler 2010 v4.3.1 Patch off WP (10mb)

UPDATE 3CHANGES - Version 4.3.1

New Mission(s) Included with Updates

“Russian Bear” – Defend Moscow and then kill the command unit in St. Petersburg.

New Features

  • Missile storage limit now a startup lobby option
  • Unit Roles as subset of ROE (Rules of Engagement) implemented: --- Unit "Target Priority" options based on selected unit roles will allow units to only target certain types of targets.
    • Land, Air, Sea, Sub, Fortifaction attacks, and allow use of WMD are the 6 options. Selections are what the unit can attack by default. Fortification attack must be selected by the player or specifically orderd by the player and does not come default selected. The WMD option works when "autoloading missiles" is selected. This allows a unit to get its own missiles and even select WMD missiles.Unit roles will allow an air unit with ground and air attack values to ignore ground targets and remain at mid air to engage targets. Unit roles will allow a land unit to ignore firing on enemy naval units (useful when you are about to take over a region and you are hoping to get their navy).
  • Fixed Missile Loading/Autoloading issues related to new unit roles. Units can now be ordered to "autoload" their own missles when unit is not at full missile capacity AND based on the selected unit roles as chosen in the units ROE. When autoload is selected and there are available missiles the unit can be ordered to fire missiles and will continue to autoload its own missiles. Autoloading of missiles will start with autodeployed missiles first, then non autodeployed missiles. It will also select missiles with launch authority above missiles without launch authority.
  • Unit roles can also be adjusted in advanced orders for multiple units at once. To reset unit roles to default chose all land, air, sea, sub types.
  • Modified feature - you now "choose to accept autodeployed missiles" instead of preventing autodeployed

Game Improvements / Fixes

  • Display #s of missiles fixed for 65K limit (will disp glitch in saved games created before update 3)
  • Fixed issue with 'shadow' war status against dead regions
  • Fixed Load failure from saved missions & custom scenarios
  • Fixed Tech Tree errors on some technologies
  • Moved location of files in INI, TUTORIALS, LOCALIZE, and FONTS to accomodate localization requirements (future game translations)
  • Completed and tested all Localization Importers
  • Fixed rare crash bug with AI counter-offer loop
  • No longer stay a WM member in 'top level' (world) map
  • Fixed Repair Rate issue that caused repairs to take 4x longer
  • "Estimated Price" for manual purchases shows in red if greater than treasury
  • False data from Mapeditor no longer loaded (Research, Cmd Queues)
  • Fixed GDP/c 'escape velocity' growth bug
  • Corrected 'buyingpower' calculation for extended high inflation regions
  • Added an inflation effect to 'gdpcbase' value (creating longer term inflation effects)
  • Fixed log output bug on CivApr (Civialian Approval) Target number
  • Consumers have stronger reaction to very high domestic prices
  • Corrected bug with 'Agree' Button from Minister Emails
  • Allow setting of AI difficulty in Multiplayer games
  • Changed Minister reactions to Raise Prices/Lower Prices priorities
  • Changed Unit 'out of ammo' return when loaded with missiles instead
  • Air units no longer change 'home base' as often
  • Updated code to address Accidental Incursion/War bug
  • Units will no longer Merge with themselves
  • Improved & Optimized AI 'unit requested' dispatching/orders
  • Optimized 'unitorders' process (resulting in less MP (Multiplayer) data traffic)
  • Destroying/nuking capital no longer wins 'capture capital' games - capital is moved.
  • Now reporting # of icbm's & nuclear icbms in panels
  • Adjusted AI HQ dispatch unit quantities, distances adding a greater AI challenge
  • Demolition capabilities of units now fully supported
  • Engineers & Demolition now only affect player, not allies/others
  • Repaired/Improved a number of 'return to base' issues (hopefully!)
  • Further improved Air unit movement - Escort, Resupply, etc
  • Fixed missile issues - resetting launch authority, forced base return
  • Modified use of <1 hex missiles to include ZOC attacks
  • Air Patrol class no longer suffers effiency loss on patrolling
  • Units should no longer destack into an enemy zone of control
  • Artillery no longer fire on air units using indirect arty fire
  • WM subsidies spread out over time, not lump sum
  • WM Tech trades more likely
  • WM will now offer equip & designs for leg-class units
  • AI regions no longer accepts very long-term paybacks on offers
  • Low GDP Economies generate a bit more tax income
  • Domestic Pricing Changes; demand effect, DAR effect
  • Fixed issues with getting full value for domestic markups
  • World Market subsidy units no longer auto-deploy
  • Fixed issue that WM Boycotts only looked at for members - WM now boycotts non members
  • Military Advisors added as part of WM support
    Difficulty changes have greater affect on starting wm approvals
  • Autosave defaults changed: no client MP autosave; 7 days default for all game types
  • Fixed bug where war declared against player would lower approvals
  • Fixed bug regarding loss of reserves when upgrading base size
  • Fixed bug that electricity imports actually cost many times more
  • Increased WM cash/product subsidy frequencies; reduced units
  • Wrong reaction on war declaration by World Market towards regions fixed.
  • AI no longer accepts repeated offers for the same unit design while time is paused
  • Fixed missiles lost during campaign transition to new scenario
  • Launch grids that were not working properly are not functioning
  • Rebalanced WM subsidy for poor AI regions
  • Solved price of importing electricity to accurate levels
  • Reloading a game and switching regions no longer keeps the governemnt type of previous region.
  • Price now reports for entire missile pack not for one missile
  • Aircraft trying to reach far destination now rebase
  • defcon stuck at 3 when not at war fixed
  • Some equipment file entries adjusted for accuracy
  • Fixed mission "reload from lobby" problems
  • Cabinet minister takes action when player agrees to domestic prices too high e-mail
  • Values check for tech tree benefits
  • AI deploys missiles for use
  • Graphics issue frame 3-6, replaced missing Port picture
  • Solved issue of defcon stuck at 3 when not at war
  • Europe win no longer becomes North America player in World Map during Campaign carryover.
  • Grouping regions to WM works again
  • Player no longer retain WM membership on World map in campaign
  • Pluton missile and Sub launched nuclear tomahawk missile added
  • Trident/poseidon/polaris nuclear sub launched damage values corrected
  • Units of surrendered region no longer remain in play.
  • Status Line report for Artillery kills show only once
  • The World Market can no longer be accidentally nuked
  • Only engineers override "no destroy due to loyalty"
  • Consumer goods production now remains steady at day end
  • Launch authority no longer resetting at random
  • Unit moving when initiative = 0% only happens when individual unit initiative set above "none" in unit ROE
  • Aircraft can no longer "park" on water
  • Research no longer lost during campaign carry over
  • Corrected launch platform type of certain missiles
  • Aircraft when told to to "fire missile" no longer launch one volley then return home. Entire missile payload is launched before returning home unless unit required fuel.
  • Fixed tech tree error in Technology Tree PDF
  • An incomplete custom scenario in custom folder can no longer cause a crash (due to custom groupings)
  • AI will NOT accept trades in return for money payed back over absurd lengths
  • Players can now decide to reject a Unification Vote result if not the winner, resulting in a player having to resolve the map through military might.

Unit Improvements

  • More than 50 new units
  • Added six (6) new unit pictures
  • Corrected some unit pictures
  • Updated various unit stats and specialties

Map Improvements

  • Corrected Belarus Government type to Communist
  • Germany Scenario - Austria region - fixed broken river, Hungary research centre named.
  • Nordic & Europe - Sweden updated units
  • Africa - S. Afrca updated unit research
  • Ukraine - Belarus updated unit research
  • US New York- updated
  • US Northeast- updated
  • North America - updated
  • MidEast - updated
  • Europe - updated
  • Oceania - updated
  • Indomalayan - updated
  • Korea - updated
  • British Isles - updated
  • Canada - updated
  • France - updated
  • Russia - updated
  • World - updated (regional debts removed & production levels adjusted for the year 2020)

Known Issues with this Version

  • Silos do not respond to ‘autodeploy’ settings – ICBMs must be deployed manually.
  • Multiplayer Games with a “Unification Vote” Victory type will not end properly if a player rejects the vote result.
  • Full strength Fusion plants with the Cold Fusion improvement tech do not give the full expected output production.
  • Saved Campaign games do not load properly from the Scenario Lobby – use the main menu or in-game to load them.
  • Performance on maps with thousands of units can degrade if Pathing Display option is on (default is on). Shift-P toggles this option.
  • In a Campaign game level progression, missiles returned from field units are not ‘grouped’, resulting in occasional long lists of available missiles.
  • If a Peace treaty or Ceasefire is signed while missiles are in flight, the missiles may re-ignite hostilities unintentionally.
  • Overall Score values are weighted too heavily in some areas such as Research.
  • Trades of money or goods do not get cancelled when war is declared.
  • In certain very rare circumstances, enemy units may still deploy from a base after it has been captured.
  • It is possible to trade “Non-Tradeable” Technologies.

These issues will be resolved in future updates.

UPDATE 2 CHANGES - Version # 4.00.12

New Mission Included with Retail and Demo

  • “White Sands Project” – Stop the nuclear test planned by New Mexico.

Map Updates for Retail Version

  • North America: Updated a few rivers in the North America scenario.
  • British Isles: Added city (Dougrie) to an island in Scotland in the British Isles scenario to add supply to an ore mine.
  • Canada: Fixed city names in New Jersey and Canada scenarios.
  • MidEast: Updated a few "Belli Bar" ratings for Turkey against other regions in the MidEast Scenario.
  • Europe: Minor unit research additions.
  • Germany: Minor unit research additions.
  • Oceania: Fixed capital location for Philippines region.

Unit Additions/Changes

  • More than 20 new units were added to the Equipment List.
  • Some unit specifications were balanced: helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.
  • Unit picture addition: Combat UAV.

Feature Improvements

  • New GUI Element - State Department - Pick a region - In Panel 2, choose button named "Current Relations".

In this new third panel you will see the following:

  • Diplomatic Rating,
  • Civilian Rating,
  • Causus Belli,
  • Treaty Integrity Ratings and
  • World Market Ratings

There are two columns each under a region's flag. The first flag is your region, the second is the region you are viewing. The first three ratings are views directed towards the other region. Read the tool tip to see exactly what each bar represents. (For example, under your flag you will see how your people feel about the other region AND under the other flag you will see how their people view your region.)

The last three bars are regional ratings and are not views of the "other" region but are indicators about the region. (For example, under your flag you will see the Treaty Integrity Rating for your reigon and under the other flag you will see the same rating for that region.)

  • Added mid-air refueling, though must be managed by player
  • Added TAB hotkey - 'center on last event hex'. Pressing the TAB key will move you to the area related to the latest "green" status line entry.

Game Improvements/Fixes

  • Adjusted AI weighting of diplomatic offers. Now the AI is more receptive to accepting diplomatic offers. Diplomatic views of your region are still used to determine if a trade will be accepted. Now the AI will reject or occassionally send a counter-offer back to your region. Use the new State Department Panel 3 (mentioned above) to determine what regions will likely trade with you.
  • Fixed AI Land Trades Bug. The AI will no longer give away it's entire territory.
  • Fixed Bug in 'View Deployed Missiles' when picking silo.
  • Fixed Treasury/Resource lobby option bug on save game loads. This bug caused a treasury multiplier effect on each load of the savegame, in addition to the effect at the initial start of a game when resources were set to a higher than default level.
  • Fixed possible error if *.GMC file is missing for savegame (this will happen if the file is manually deleted in windows)
  • AI surrender changed to 'elimination style'. Previous AI surrender would hand over land to another region. Now will elimination code in place an AI region will simulate a fallen government where the region will be divided by surrounding regions.
  • Fixed minor graphic issues with Victory screen on campaign save reload
  • Fixed issue with different region names showing with saved games
  • Fixed issue where no 'loading bar' gets stuck after failed load
  • Fixed how cancelled units remained in reserved 'unit count'
  • Corrected issues with low fuel aircraft taking off too early
  • Email message regarding incursions on allies corrected
  • Fixed 'boycotts on Campaign carryover'
  • Improved cabinet performance/approval bars; also in MP (mulitplayer) save
  • Fixed bug with firing missiles from gas-fueled units
  • Air units now reset 'pause conditions' upon landing
  • Unit construction queue scrapping on surrenders fixed
  • Fixed rare refresh crashbug in Bonds panel
  • AI Diplomacy changes - response messages, counter-offers, etc
  • Greater use of AISTANCE lobby option
  • Difficulty level affects starting integrity levels
  • Fixed issue with unsaved Refugee Immigration details
  • Fixed issue with Diplomacy popup 'old data' in new game
  • Fixed issue with 'counting active research projects'
  • Large numbers of Research Centers have diminishing benefits/speed for research
  • Capped some quantities in WM unit giveaways/sales
  • Hidden start date in lobby option.
  • Fixed issue with Unilateral Treaty Breaks / Email sequence
  • In-game mute now only affects in-game sounds
  • AI will now deploy and use initial missiles stock.
  • Game supports greater selection of pre-set game resolutions
  • Work-around for the latest NVidia graphics driver bug completed.

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