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'World War II RTS' - 12 New Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 11, 2005 @ 2:08 a.m. PST

World War II RTS, previously known as Wartime Command: Battle For Europe 1939-1945, is a stunning WW II tactical RTS game from 1C Company. Set to be the most authentic and compelling tactical real time strategy game ever designed, Wartime Command will excel in detail and accuracy, especially in its portrayal of period weapons of war.

Take command of a massive range of military units in some of WWII's most significant battles in World War II RTS - set to be the most authentic and compelling RTS game ever designed.World War II RTS' key attraction is its historically rich portrayal of the 6-year war, with over 60 battles based on actual events all dramatically played out in 28 real locations, constructed using topographical data and period aerial photography. The game's 3D environment is hugely detailed and let players experience the outcome of their commands through stunning graphical effects. Even zoom into the battles as close as they want to and become part of the action.

Missions cover some of WWII's major European battles, from the invasion of Poland and France in 1939-40, through to the war on the Eastern front and the D-Day landings, to the fall of Germany in 1945. As a Commander, players have hands-on control of troops and units - including American, British, German, French, Soviet units, complete with authentic uniforms and weaponry.

Taking players closer to the entire gruelling tactical war experience than any strategy game previously, it's being designed to capture both the tactics and emotions of being a Wartime Commander in WWII in realistic and personally intense detail as players take responsibility for their men. Battle command tactics involve assault, reconnaissance, covert operations, rescues, city skirmishes, ambushes and sabotage and all the units and objects in the missions are destructible and interact using real physics.

Features :

  • Play as a Commander from either Allied or Axis armies in over 50 historically realistic missions in numerous locations throughout Europe.
  • Using a revolutionary 3D graphics engine, Wartime Command has the most realistic visuals ever seen in a RTS.
  • Every mission is based on historical events, in real locations re-constructed using period maps and photography.
  • A massive complement of unique vehicles, planes and weapons of war have been recreated from military blue prints, reference and technical data.
  • Each solider has 36 personal and combat attributes that develop through missions, building an attachment between the player and his men, creating a more emotionally intimate and in-depth experience.
  • Capture enemy weapons, utilise terrain advantages and see the real star constellations in the sky in the most detailed RTS ever.

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