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Hammer & Sickle

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: CDV
Developer: Nival Interactive

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'Hammer & Sickle' - 12 New Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 23, 2005 @ 9:00 a.m. PST

Hammer & Sickle is a tactical RPG set in the spring of 1949. The player will assume the role of a top Soviet spy on clandestine duty in the British-American controlled sector of Germany during the early years of the budding Cold War. In a world where no one is quite who they appear to be, the player is trapped in a hellish ploy that could trigger a third world war, this time between the United States and Soviet Union and their respective nuclear arsenals. Gamers will have to navigate a web of intrigue and make decisions that could determine the fate of the world.

Set in the British-American sector of occupied Germany in the spring of 1949, you are a Soviet undercover agent who finds himself caught in the middle of an escalating confrontation between the intelligence services of the world's superpowers. You'll have to make your way through a web of cunning intrigues, setting off chain reactions that will affect the fate of the world: will it live in peace, or collapse into the chaos of World War 3?

A unique mix of turn-based and role-play, Hammer & Sickle is a brand-new gaming experience. The dizzying array of tactical solutions for each situation is greatly deepened by the fully destructible environments - while an open mission structure and the non-linear story put you in complete control of the game world.

Key Features:

  • Spy Story: Non-linear thriller lets you affect not only the outcome, but the whole course of the game
  • Real People: Character's histories and personalities affect game events and your team's cooperation
  • One World: You can move back and forth though all zones freely - events taking place in one zone can affect developments in others
  • Saving Time: like in life, time is the most important and irreplaceable resource. The passage of time significantly affects game events
  • Fashion Statement: What you wear can sometimes have a bigger affect on how people react to you then what you say
  • How Am I Spying?: Clashes with the authorities or violence against civilians will be counted on a meter, push it too hard and you'll set off WWIII
  • Gift of Gab: Your choice of line or even tone of voice could radically change the balance of forces and relations between characters
  • Always Carry Cash: Buy weapons, hire soldiers, get information - even bribe the local criminal syndicate or police to get out of trouble
  • Choose Your Weapon: With over 90 authentic WWII and post war models, you can choose the right gun for the right job

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