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FIFA Manager 06

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA

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'FIFA Manager 06' - v1.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 28, 2005 @ 12:29 p.m. PST

FIFA Manager 06, previously known as Total Club Manager 2006, now boasts an improved user-friendly interface and more than 2,000 clubs and over 20,000 players, providing football fans with the most complete, up-to-date and authentic football manager experience.

Get the FIFA Manager 06 v1.1 Patch off WP (11mb)


Before you install this patch please make sure you have the full game installed.
Save any game that you're running and quit the game before attempting to install the patch otherwise you could create problems with the install.
This patch uses requires exactly the same specifications as the full game so please refer to the game readme for more details.

This is a list of all the issues that have been fixed for Patch 1.1.

A crash that could occur when exchanging players.
Pause button will now be disabled in 'Proceed one day' mode
Changed the data format of transfer fees on several screens
You cannot loan out star players from other teams so easily anymore
Transfers at the start of the first season have been drastically reduced, so that teams will look the same for the frist season as in reality (you can re-enable transfers by adding NO_REDUCED_TRANSFERS_1ST_SEASON=1 to the user.ini)
Fixed a crash when you opened player details form the team of the day (website) and then selected Player comparism. This only happened if the player was from your own team.
The browse screen only showed up to 100 clubs. If you played a 'Creat a club'-game, there could have been much more teams, so that it wasn't possible to select you own club besides many other.
A club won't allow to take their star players on trial anymore.
If a transfer fee is offered and the bid was rejected the transfer fee was set to 0 in the transfer history. It will now remember the last fee offered.
Player names for players with pseudonym will now be shown in the general section of the player details screen.
Fixed a text issue in the player talks where a placeholder (_MANAGER_NAME) was shown.
Fixed an issue where a player announced not to extend his contract even though he was on loan.
Added a drop down that allows setting the training goals for youth players.
Even though a match was postponed it was still being shown as next match on the progression screen.
Rarely you could receive a message that said a player was happy and another message that the same player was unhappy about a transfer.
The english version had the german form format on the training instructions screen.
The interested clubs section on the player contract negotiation screen sometimes had a fourth interested team that was shown as a blank space.
Youth players from international youth camps can now be dismissed.
Scouts will now create reports for reserve teams (they used to show only reports of the 1st team)
Wrong transfer fee shown in some messages
User-created training weeks could not be deleted correctly
Bans for national team matches were not shown correctly
Career Curve Development: Training goal will now have a bigger influence on the player development
Fixed a crash in the storygenerator of the website, when manager was close to be sacked
Training Buildup-Play used to train Flair twice. Now Flair and Agility will be trained equally.
There used to be a problem that the value entered into the buy option was not taken over correctly
Free transfers did count against the transfer budget with their full market value
Sometimes players scouted were reported to be available on the transferlist although they only extended their contract
Although you created your own club the board told you that you didn't have enough money for a transfer
If you tried to buy a player with expiring contract the board sometimes said that you could not afford this player
You cannot make a completely new offer for a player via the player details screen once an initial offer has been made
Fixed an issue with the general age distribution and the average player level for reserve teams
Market value will now be shown as default first offered transfer fee when starting a new negotiation
Fixed a problem with inappropriate team ratings and wages when the newly created club joined an existing league
Added a switch to the game options to select between metric and imperial units for height and weight (english version only)
Crossing frequency and crossing position should now match the selected tactics more closely
Moved the default positions for fullbacks when going forward a little more central
Reduced the chance of a goalkeeper 'tipping' the ball into his own net from a cross
Players clean through on goal should head straight for goal if possible
Goalkeepers will now pick up the ball if it gets headed back to them
Tweaked when fouls are given for slide tackles
Reduced the number of bad referee decisions
Goalkeepers will now come out of the area to intercept passes played in behind the defence
Tweaked the positions of players when lining up for a penalty
Keep central strikers more central by default
Reduced the frequency of players running off the pitch with the ball
Goalkeepers should now come out to catch the ball when it gets headed straight up in the air in the box
Offsides should now not be given when a player shoots and a team mate is not interferring with play
Reduced the chance of players running out of options on the wing and running back down the touchline towards their own half
Forward runs are now minimized when Forward Runs are set to Never
Provided cover for defenders that are sent up for Set Pieces
Removed the players from Corners that are there for the short pass
Tweaked the number of long shots (decreased)
Reduced the change of goalkeepers tipping crosses into their own goals
Reserve Rule same as England in Scotland and France
Single Player stats during 3d match derived from MAT-Stats
Round numbers in Staff market
Single Player Match Stats during 3D-match
Website Stats The players on the Best Players table are not remotely the best players. Best players are now evaluated by number of matches played and average season rating
Changed logic to determine player of the year
Fixed empty "From" column in listbox
Next oponent EC screen The header of the screen has a wrong name
Play a match in mode text Missing word in Spanish now fixed.
Match/Text mode Missing dots at the end of sentences changed for French errors.
European scouting screen no scout leads to %s
Website news Teams have 17 defeats in a row on the 9th matchday - fixed and working correctly.
Website news After the second matchday the website reports over a good season start of the first matchday
Changed localized String IDs for Keyboard Shortcuts in IMD
Cup Final Story is now being generated
Calling PlayerInfo from Lineup Screen (Small pitch) wasn't initialized in the correct way
Team Reserves Correct player numbers are now displayed in the formation diagram.
Contradiction in match report when you play too few players
Club Tournaments Only first letter of player displayed in European Championship 'Dream Team' screen
Newscenter Youth player joined the squad, although you did not agree to sign him
Ball Colour in IMD Pitch View
Kit color clashes need to be resolved in the line-up screen
Team Lineup Sorting by Form now sorts in the correct order.
Matchday Overlays The Pause button changes from "Mettre en Pause" to "Pause" after pausing and resuming a match.
Incorrect Team of the year
Club Progression Screen User can not progress past National Team group selection in 2009.
Line-up Selection Criteria, screen shows a black border
Win Bonus was influencing Team Ratings although it was disabled in the screen
AI was able to do more substitutions than allowed.
Lowered scores in Friendlies
Level displayed in Germany was match rating
Matchday AI Turning off the half-time report and playing a 3D match leads to odd ratings at half-time
Crash after loading a saved formation for the reserve team in the "Formation" screen.
Human tactics are no longer changed unless user does so during 3D matches if the assistant is disabled
Text Mode: Fan sounds can't be switched off
National Team Selection Closes When Checking Player Infos
Instant Calculation Wrong Stadium Name Display
In highlight mode, it was possible to hear the sounds from the highlight before the scene started (that was disturbing especially with goals and fouls since the user knew what was going to happen before he saw the scene). This is fixed now the sounds are being recorded and they are triggered in the right moment in the highlight scenes. It is not only the crowd that can be heard correctly now also the sounds of passes, referee whistle, fouls or ball bounces are triggered correctly in the highlights. When no scene is running there is only an ambient crowd loop playing.
When the top-down camera was enabled in the highlight mode (by pressing the ENTER key) it was not dynamically following the action in the highlight screens this is fixed now.
The kit colour clashing algorithm was improved. There were sometimes corrupted kits due to that bug. (E.g. Brentford vs. Huddersfield) Since there are tons of different teams and different kits this should be again intensively tested by the QA. (Issue 10029)
In the highlight mode, the final whistle sound was missing at the end of the match
If the match ends with forfeit the result is set to 0-3 now. (Previously the result wasn't changed.)
If there is a substitution after a goal the scoreboard showing the goal was overlapping the substitution popup in that case the user couldn't see the information about opponent's substitutions. This is fixed now
If the match ends with forfeit in the 1st half the game opened the halftime screen which is incorrect. This is fixed now.
After a red/yellow card the scoreboard was showing team badges of both teams now it is showing only the one that is related to the booked player.
After a goal the scoreboard was showing team badges of both teams now it is showing only the team badge of the scorer.
Watching 2 or more 3d matches in a row was sometimes generating wrong data for MAT. This is fixed now.
If a top player of my team is banned and didn't play the press is not asking why he wasn't playing (the reason is obvious).
After a match if top players of both teams were not playing there is a press comment mentioning the names. Sometimes the names were displayed incorrectly. This is fixed now.
When the user created a customized team badge - that was saved in an unknown format - the 3D match crashed. This is fixed now.
When the user created a customized team badge - that was saved in Paint Shop Pro - the graphics was corrupted in the game (Pain Shop Pro is exporting vertically mirrored images). This is fixed now.
When the user created a customized team badge - that was saved in a compressed TGA file - the graphics was corrupted in the game. This is fixed now.
When the user created a customized team badge - that was saved in a 16bpp TGA format - the graphics was corrupted in the game. This is fixed now.
The full-screen mode can now be activated in the 3d match
Improved kit clashing recognition
Referees are wearing the proper kits now
When fusion is activated (human player) the goalkicks were corrupted - this is fixed now.
Commentary in the 3d match is available for all selectable leagues (previously the commentary was enabled only for the top leagues)
When fusion is activated the onscreen-indicators of the human player were not rendered properly - this is fixed now
When any player was suspended the press was sometimes asking the manager why he wasn't playing - this is fixed now
Using the proper uninstill process does not uninstall the game.
Game no longer crashes when reaching 1/1/2010
AMD 64 & nVidia 7800 Crash during progression has been fixed
The Italian patch does not work.
Presentation Text in First Team appears in a different language in multiple locations
No longer able to have players on infinite suspension
Manager of the Month trophy now appears in Manager trophy room
Keyboard buttons assigned incorrectly in Italian and Spanish build.
National team nomination screen injured players are not colored red
website poll about the relegation of national teams has been fixed
Euro Super Cup does not display in any trophy rooms if a user wins it.
The game icon is reverted to a generic EA Sports icon when the user installs the patch.
website reports over a player who plans to return to his home county, but he plays already there
One Website rumour displays as if the player in question is a member of the team who want to sign him.
Website News about young player is related to an old player
Manager Job Titles don't match preset responsibilities.
Pressing CTRL + Backspace in most typing boxes will produce an odd image.
'Staff' option not selectable during World Cup
The headers "Injuries" and "Suspended" should be spelt in the same tenses.
Website Close news by leftclick
Self portrait is not aligned at the Contract Negotiations screen in Play a Career.
Self portrait is not centered in many screens.
Load bar appears full when there is notihin being loaded in load/save options.
In Welcome Screen, Header text is too large and causes clipping with long team names.
In My Career section, currency amount in "Donate money to club" tool tip is incorrect
In Spanish Footballworld, incorrect symbols are displayed
Very rarely in the Newscenter, the user will get a message that a player is having problems adapting to a country even though that is their nationality.
Under responsibilities, tactics is spelt Tactique in the English version
The [Main UI] drop down menu doesn't close when mouse is clicked in non-selection area.
The number of sucessful passes and received passes are not equal sometimes
In the club calendar, the user can create a 'Training Camp' that overlaps a match.
printed tables are too close to the left added left margin
printed tables did not have league names in captions added competition and/or country name were applicable
long string may go beyond cell fixed the column width calculation procedure
added support for alignment of headers
Website Stats Injuries screen fixed a bug with overlapping text "The data will appear when season is underway"
Under Website stats, 'Injuries' table for team without injuries overlapped by text "Stats data will appear once season is underway", despite season underway.
Crash after clicking on X button of website screen has been fixed.
User cannot select any 'training sessions' under 'This Week Training' when starting a new club.
Shots on target that are goals should be indicated more clearly in MAT stats.
In some cases it happened that certain teams lacked matches, compared to their opponents of the league.
Substitutes occasionally appear in a different kit compared to the rest of the team
In Club Overview, highest away victory and defeat are missing
In season objectives window, game displays that a season objective for International Cup was met when it wasn't.
Direct free kicks have been tuned reducing the scoring ratio.
Clicking twice on the home button in the website would cause the content of the website to disappear. This has now been fixed.
White box appears in Day Preview after creating Training Camp on the day before a friendly. Now the user can no longer schedule a training camp to start on the day immediately before a friendly.
Friendly cannot be cancelled if you schedule a training camp on the day immediately before you can no longer schedule a training camp on the day immediately before a friendly.
In the Calendar, the second day of a knockout tournament has a white box on that date now the second date has a question mark icon to indicate the team has not been determined yet.
All match reports for the user's league are available to be looked at from the website stats league results screen
All available league match reports for previous matches can be accessed by left clicking on the badge of the team played in the left side info panel.
Pictures for best players of the match on the post match team comparison screen were looking only at empics, and ignoring user supplied pictures, now user supplied pictures will work
UK reserve players now have their stats updated after matches
click on the badge of previously played matches (in the left side info panel) to get to the match reports for that match
In cup results, there was an extra column in the table, so when the scroll bar comes up, the text would disappear in that column
the warning about too few players for a reserve team was broken for UK teams because reserve players were counted as regular players this is fixed now
An email has been added when team goes to a training camp and when they return home
Besiktas JK (Turkey) kit colors as well as badge have been fixed.

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