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Minions of Mirth

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Prairie Games
Developer: Prairie Games

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'Minions of Mirth' Available For Online Purchase

by Rainier on Dec. 15, 2005 @ 1:27 p.m. PST

"Minions of Mirth gives the player an incredible amount of freedom in their role-playing experience! It can be played in single player, multiplayer, and even allows friends to run their own custom persistent worlds! We're very pleased to be releasing this amazing product. We've worked very hard with our community to make sure Minions of Mirth totally rocks!", says Josh Ritter co-owner and programmer of the title.

Minions of Mirth is available for Windows and OSX at the official Minions of Mirth website for the special price of $25 through January 31st, 2006. The full price of the game will be $29.95 and there are no monthly service fees. Prairie Games, Inc hosts the complimentary PrairieWorld server and there are also community hosted worlds to play on. Minions of Mirth is also fully playable in single player with no internet connection.

Minions of Mirth Game Features:

  • Massively Single Player gameplay!!!
  • 15 character careers from 3 character archetypes. Multiclass characters with primary, secondary, and tertiary class
  • 8 playable character races
  • 16 incredible zones to explore
  • A persistent world where your actions have lasting effects
  • Over 10,000 frames of rendered game graphics!!!
  • Alignment system for playing either a good or evil character ...
  • Epic battles rage across the land... you can fight for either side and the outcome of the battle can affect quests, etc
  • Immersive first person gameplay!
  • Slick game GUI that never gets in your way
  • Quest system supporting multiple quest and reward items as well as triggered events
  • Bounty system dynamically generates bounties for you to hunt ... bounty rewards can be money and items!
  • Vendors across the land selling many assorted goodies
  • Track monsters from great distances
  • Melee and ranged combat
  • Vast outdoors (oceans, mountains, jungle, forests), sprawling dungeons, and zones that mix the two!
  • Various modes of transport including boats and airships.
  • Full blown weather system with climates, seasons, cloud cover and varying precipitation!
  • Day and night cycles, with monster spawns and world events tied to time of day. Beautiful star gazing at night!
  • Many types of flora and fauna
  • Players have many wearable inventory slots, quick slots, carry slots, and a vault to store game items
  • Phat Lewt! Robust game items with stats, spell effects, procs, special flags like artifact/indestructible,
    usage requirements/recommendations, and a nifty bonus/penalty system...
  • Game items may also have quality associated with them from Crappy, Shoddy, Normal, Superior, Exceptional.
  • Hundreds of spells... including combat, pet/monster/item summoning, etc .. spell effects include levitation, blindness, paralysis, charming, etc
  • Level cap of 100 with over 80 character skills!
  • Full engine + game source code available for modding
  • Compatible with Windows + MacOSX
  • Cooperative (and PVP) multiplayer coming in 2005

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