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Armies of Exigo

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Electronic Arts

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'Armies of Exigo' Charges Into Russian Territories

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2005 @ 12:54 a.m. PST

Worlds collide in Armies of Exigo, where the traditional boundaries of the battlefield are smashed and war is waged both above and below the ground. Armies of Exigo locks elves, beasts, knights, and creatures of the darkness in an epic battle for survival where armies can delve deep underground to advance undetected and then tunnel to the surface to unleash powerful attacks on their unsuspecting enemies.

"We needed a partner who could help us distribute Armies of Exigo in a new market," said Alex Rabb, Executive Vice President of Cinergi Interactive. "Localization of our title was long awaited by the Russian-speaking gamers and Noviy Disk proved to be an ideal partner in delivering what the market was demanding."

Armies of Exigo is a ground-breaking fantasy RTS for the PC, featuring elves, beasts, knights and creatures of darkness, where stunning 3D visuals bring the characters and different environments to life. For the first time ever, players can wage a war on two fronts simultaneously - above and below the surface - because of a unique dual layered map system. Armies of Exigo has been specially designed for players who love RTS games and enjoy employing both Macro and Micro skills.

The new Armies of Exigo official website recently launched by Cinergi Interactive is available at

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