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Chessmaster 10th Edition

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Ubisoft

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'Chessmaster 10th Edition' - v1.03 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 20, 2005 @ 9:14 a.m. PST

Get the Chessmaster 10th Edition v1.03 patch off WP (5mb)

The v1.0.2 patch addresses the following issues (also listed in the readme the patch installs):

Interface Bugs

Solved the Cleartype issue (when Windows' Cleartype setting was activated, the menu font turned pink).
Solved the "Board will not automatically display when entering LAN room if "Board Transitions" are turned OFF" bug.
Solved the "Time display disappears from minimized "Game Status" bar after resuming a paused game" bug.
Solved the problem of the game performing poorly on low-end cards (GeForce 2 MX and similar) while using OpenGL.

Online Bugs

Solved the "Connection Timed Out" bug for the computer configurations with multiple network interfaces (more than one network adapter installed).
Solved the "rankings won't save / rankings are reset to zero" bug.
Solved the "chat window loses focus" bug.
Solved the "Incorrect password" bug, where a player couldn’t reenter the password for his/her online account when the password was changed outside the Chessmaster environment.

Database Bugs

Solved the Current Situation Report bug (resetting while going back through the moves).
Solved the changing rooms bug (when going from one room to another, the database kept resetting).

Game Bugs

Solved some Post Game Analysis bugs making most of games being reported as "blunder type".
Solved a bug related to keyboard move input that leads sometimes to playing unwanted moves.
Solved a bug that prevented Chessmaster from correctly computing material advantage while analyzing games.
Solved a bug related to incomplete move sounds.

Also, the 1.0.2. patch adds the following new features:

Interface Features

Ability to turn off board coordinates (from the Board Settings window).
Ability to resize the Player Annotation subsection of the Annotation window.
Display of the Material Advantage as one of the Captured Pieces display formats.
Removed the size limitations of the Opening Book Editor window.
When loading a saved game where a player is neither the current user nor a computer opponent, the avatar displayed by default is a dark silhouette. To change it, just put a "user.bmp" file of 76*97, 24 bits color depth in the [Chessmaster installation directory]/Data/Personalities.
Chessmaster now supports dual monitor display.

Game Features

The opening book used in the chess coach can now be set up from the cm.ini file: in the [Settings] area, add the coachbook=opening.obk line, where opening.obk is the name of the opening database you want to use (default is Mentor.obk) The opening.obk file must be placed in the [Chessmaster installation directory]/Data/Opening Books directory.
Added the "Adjudicate" command in the Tournament section, allowing the players to decide upon the winner of an AI vs AI game.
The "Copy Forsythe Board Position" command is now available in most game modes. This helps players replicate situations from the tutorials in Training mode.
Added the "Copy Game From..." command in the Training mode, allowing the players to copy games from all game modes except Online, LAN and Puzzles. When no game is available in a game mode (for example, when you haven't browsed the Famous Games yet in the current session), the options are grayed.
Added the "Take Back and Delete Move" command in Training mode, allowing the players to remove variations from games.
Added the possibility to define your own sound effects set that will override the sounds played by the "Thematic Sounds" option. Just go to the "Sounds" option in the Windows "Control Panel". There you will find a "Chessmaster" group of sound effects to which you can assign any valid sound file that is in wave format (usually with a "WAV" extension).
Modified some of Chessmaster's comments from the Post Game Analysis.
Removed the Chess Coach from Online ranked play.
Added the possibility for players to add their own sets of pictures for Chessmaster personalities. For example, to add a home-made picture of "Cassie" just add a BMP file of 76*97 pixels, color depth: 24 bits named "cassie.bmp" in the [Chessmaster installation folder]/Data/Personalities. To revert to the default picture, just remove your BMP file from the folder.
Added sound warnings (a clock is ticking) when the game time runs out - at 1/4 and at 1/8 of the total time remaining (if the time is set up at more than 4, respectively 8 minutes/game), then at 1 minute and at 30 seconds remaining. When there are only 10 seconds remaining, the clock will keep ticking until the end of the game. To set the time warning OFF, go to Sounds/Effects tab and uncheck the Time Warning checkbox.

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