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Infinium Labs Releases Phantom Lapboard

by Rainier on Dec. 28, 2005 @ 10:29 a.m. PST

Still no Phantom console, instead CEO and President of Infinium Labs Greg Koler has announced Infinium Labs will be launching the Phantom Lapboard in Q-2 of 2006.

The Lapboard is a bespoke wireless keyboard and mouse designed specifically for PC Gamers. Amongst the features it boasts are a 360-degree rotating keyboard for either left or right-handed players, under the keyboard is the lapboard for the mouse that allows gamers to play from their armchairs - within a 30 foot radius of their PC. This layout allows users to keep both hands closer together when using the mouse and keyboard. Optimised for gaming and media access the Lapboard has full size keys, extended space bar and an inverted 'T' for both left and right-handed players to navigate through games. The Lapboard will have U.S. and international compliance for distribution in Europe and Asia.

"Where consoles have always scored over the PC games has been in the physical interface the user has with the game. Our Lapboard changes all that. PC Gamers can get a premium peripheral that enhances the gaming experience considerably. It's also the perfect stepping stone and bridges the subsequent launch of the full service further down the line. The required $ USD 2 million round of funding for the Phantom Lapboard is a necessary step to deliver our vision for our products and services quickly into the market, positioned for both consumer and OEM segments, and book revenues by June 2006." said Greg Koler

Whilst final pricing has yet to be set for the Phantom Lapboard, Infinium Labs will launch the product through direct over the internet strategic e-commerce sites with viral marketing, advertising campaigns and trade events to support the new Lapboard.

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