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'City of Heroes' Goes Table-Top

by Rainier on March 15, 2005 @ 6:07 p.m. PST

Eden Studios announces today an agreement with Cryptic Studios and NCsoft for the design and production of the City of Heroes table-top roleplaying game (RPG), based on the comic book inspired massively multiplayer online roleplaying computer game by the same name.

“We are very excited about getting the opportunity to produce this super-powered game,” George Vasilakos, President of Eden Studios, announced. “We worked with Jack Emmert, City of Heroes lead designer, on our first roleplaying game, Conspiracy X. His imagination and storytelling have always been tremendous. He and his City of Heroes team have created a rocking good game that has been chewing up most of our free time for over a year now. We plan to translate that experience to the table-top while adding the richness of face-to-face roleplaying.”

“I started my game production career in paper-and-pencil roleplaying,” added Emmert. “It’s a great medium for storytelling and a boat load of fun. I’ve worked with the guys at Eden Studios in the past, and they’ve only gotten better since then with quality licensed games like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Army of Darkness. Their games are great and their production values are second to none. This is a wonderful addition to the City of Heroes franchise.”

The City of Heroes roleplaying table-top game will use a special version of CJ Carella’s Unisystem, Eden's in-house roleplaying game rules, that captures the highlights of the online experience yet remains compatible with other Unisystem games. Players take the role of super-powered heroes with a full array of power choices. They take the fight to numerous villains, including Circle of Thorns mages, Council thugs, Clockwork robots, Vahzilok zombies, and others popularized in the online game.

The Registration Manual core book will be authored by Eden insider M. Alexander Jurkat, editor of the majority of Eden’s Unisystem game books, designer of the Army of Darkness card game, and author of GURPS Conspiracy X. The core book will be followed by the Paragon City source book, the Monitor’s Support Pack, the Super-powered Operative’s Dossier and other supplements.

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