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'TT Superbikes' (PS2) - 10 New Screens

by Rainier on March 17, 2005 @ 3:06 a.m. PST

TT Superbikes will feature on the channel around the launch along with a strong presence at this year's TT event in June. There will be several promotions including prize give-away copies of the game to Men and Motors viewers. The game will also feature the Men and Motors Suzuki superbike, which will race at this year's event. Read more for details and screens ...

TT Superbikes has been developed in conjunction with experienced bikers who know every inch of the Isle of Man circuit and data painstakingly captured by the development team. The result is the most accurate representation of the race you'll ever experience without actually taking part! Adrian Archibald, three times winner of the TT, commented, "I was surprised by how realistic it was. There's a part near Ramsey on the real TT course where the kerb sticks out a couple of feet, which I didn't expect to be in the game. But it is. Every corner is 100% accurate and the timescale is right because I was doing 20-minute laps. I could sit and play it for hours."

The Isle of Man TT is the most famous motorcycle race in the world. The event takes place every June and the island is invaded by an army of biking enthusiasts all there to witness their heroes push man and machine to the limits. The 37.74 mile course tests riders with some of the most extreme challenges on the road racing circuit.

Three levels of difficulty will allow players of all abilities to enjoy TT Superbikes. Newcomers to the sport will benefit from driving aids such as assisted braking while experts will be able to get the most from their bikes by using advanced features such as shifting the rider's body weight. Players will eventually be able to test themselves on the full 37.74 mile circuit but must first conquer the 25 different stages that make up the full race.

In addition to traditional racing, the game will also feature Mad Sunday mode. Mad Sunday is an exciting event with riders coming from all corners of the world to have the chance of riding at high speeds over the Mountain circuit during TT race week. The player will not only have other bikers to worry about but will have to avoid high-speed traffic, thus creating even more excitement than the norm.

TT Superbikes features over 40 individual bikes from the world's major bike manufacturers. Bikes and riders can be further customised with different wheels, exhausts, leathers, helmets etc. leading to over 6000 different possible combinations. In addition the game offers the opportunity for players to test their skill with racing sidecars!

Key Features

  • The most extreme road race in the world since 1907.
  • 37.73 miles of dangerous, intense racing.
  • On Mad Sunday take to the road against on-coming traffic!
  • Game modes allow exciting full-grid challenges with ten bikes fighting for the finish line.
  • Two players can compete in a split screen race,
  • Tutorials take the player through every corner of the course.
  • Silky smooth 60fps.
  • Riders and Superbikes respond precisely to controls with fully dynamic physics model.
  • Race at different times of day with dynamic weather systems depicted with next-generation particle systems.
  • Circuits have been surveyed using the latest surveying equipment allowing us to recreate the track to near perfection!

TT Superbikes for the PlayStation2 will be launched on April 22nd and sport a MRRP of £34.99.

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