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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: GameFactory
Developer: Mist Land South

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'Warfare' - 7 New Screens

by Rainier on March 24, 2005 @ 2:06 a.m. PST

Warfare is a real-time strategy with elements of global planning. The game is set on the territory of Saudi Arabia. Here four enemy forces, the Saudi royal family, the USA army expeditionary corps, the Taliban movement supporters and Arabian rebels fight for the right to rule the country. Two of them, that is the USA army expeditionary corps and the Arabian rebels army, are available to select. There is a strategic map of Saudi Arabia in the game. So, with the help of the map the player may choose the direction to make attacks, move garrisons of captured locations and exercise macroeconomic level management.

"The whole Arabic peninsula will be divided into maps. There are going to be around 30 such maps. All these maps will be represented as regions on the global map. Each region will be controlled by a different side (NATO, Taliban, or the player). All "macromanagement" functions will be carried out on the global map, including forming squads within the army, as well as giving out movement orders for armies. In case a player's army (or several armies) has moved out into a region controlled by the enemy, or the enemy has invaded a region controlled by the player – the game will switch to the tactical phase.

When playing for the Americans player will get a more or less linear campaign with a significantly simplified strategic part. In the beginning the player is a lieutenant of the American army getting surrounded on a patrol mission, his goal is breaking out; after achieving this, a plot branch begins leading the player to become a colonel, as well as moving all American bases out of Saudi Arabia and concentrating them in Iraq (capturing it along the way). During plot development the Americans will receive reinforcements from the States in predetermined plot locations.

When playing for the Arabs, the player will start off as a simple field commander with a small squad increasing in size over time. According to the plot, after a few missions his ties with the central command (the Taliban) will break. This is where the game begins."

Main features:

  • Realistic lights, with dynamic sources,self-shading and advanced shaders.
  • To storylines, you can choose two real different sides, with different economical and tactical models, American expedition corps, or Arabian rebel army.
  • More when 30+ units with real prototypes, M1A2, "Crusader", "Patriot", T-72, C-75 and much more.
  • 30 missions with non linear storyline.
  • "Live" global map divided by sectors, where you can choose your advance.
  • Realistic physics and combat model.
  • Stunning effects.
  • Advanced "resource" system, different for each opposing side.

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