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NASCAR SimRacing

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Tiburon

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'NASCAR SimRacing' Update Patch In The Works

by Rainier on March 8, 2005 @ 6:55 p.m. PST

Issues being addressed :

  • Whenever a player incurs a penalty while under caution and pit road is open, the player in first place is inappropriately penalized. Most commonly, the race leader is issued a stop/go penalty.
  • The race leader is often penalized for lapping the field under caution and issued a stop/go penalty at the end of any caution period.
  • The player is often told to follow a driver that is several seconds behind them when leaving the pit road under caution. In this instance the player is often inappropriately disqualified.
  • Scoring is locked inappropriately when players/computer drivers spin immediately ahead of the player.
  • Scoring is locked inappropriately when players leave the race track and drive slowly on the apron to enter pit road when it is closed.
  • Scoring is locked inappropriately when players leave the race track under caution to enter the pit lane and other drivers behind them decide to stay out.
  • During multiplayer races, a caution period is often triggered inappropriately when a player enters pit road to make a stop.
  • During the pace lap, computer controlled drivers sometimes pass the car they should be following.
  • With AUTO PACE enabled, the players car is sometimes ordered and driven around for an entire lap inappropriately.
  • Computer drivers start qualifying with less than a full tank of fuel.
  • If the player has AUTO PACE enabled, when a caution is triggered and the player car drives down to the apron, the player car may then lap the entire field without incurring a penalty.
  • The first lap of any race is sometimes scored as though the Yellow is still out.
  • Sometimes when the player is told to move to the end of the longest line, the appropriate icon is not displayed on the HUD.
  • Sometimes when the player has AUTO PACE enabled, the player car is not taken control of until the start of the second caution lap.
  • During multiplayer races, sometimes, the icons displayed on the HUD indicating Black Flag and Longest Line penalties remain displayed after the penalty has been served..
  • Computer controlled drivers often continue to complete laps and race after the race has finished.
  • Players making a pit stop while race during the last lap ( white flag) are unable to leave pit road if the race leader crosses the start/finish line during the time they are making their stop.
  • The spotter does not inform players of cars around them during any session of a multiplayer race. Fixed for race session.
  • The spotter sometimes gives the player inappropriate direction when the player is the lucky dog.
  • At Richmond, computer drivers drive an inappropriate and erratic line.
  • At Texas an inappropriate number of computer drivers fail to complete races.
  • At Dover, computer drivers often drive inappropriately.
  • With AUTO PACE enabled, the player car is often repeatedly driven into the wall when under computer control after the player has spun.
  • During multiplayer games and caution periods, the F2 standings display is often incorrect.
  • Players are sometimes not taken to the race session at the start if they are viewing replays.
  • An invisible barrier exists at the entrance and exit of pit road. The barrier has no collision from the players perspective but computer drivers and other drivers appear to collide momentarily with the invisible barrier and wall collision maps are generated.
  • Selecting any lap of Telemetry where the player car was controlled via AUTO PACE or AUTO PIT causes the Telemetry application to crash.

The following is a short list of other changes that have been made.

  • Constant weather now forces both TRACK and AIR TEMP. to 75°F.
  • Drafting effects are reduced approximately 15%.
  • Dodge Charger for NEXTEL Cup Series - 2005.

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