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Live for Speed: S2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: LFS
Developer: LFS

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'Live For Speed: S2' - v0.5L Updated Alpha Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 30, 2005 @ 2:15 p.m. PDT

With LFS S2 important features have been added, dynamic camber (improved simulation of suspension and different suspension types), highly detailed tire physics and a damage model have been introduced.

Get the Live For Speed S2 Alpha Demo & Server off WP (29mb)

Here is a new version with a lot of updates and improvements, as seen in the list below.

One of the most significant things is the use of a much better type of limited slip differential (LSD) which helps you to get the power to the ground more effectively. Up until this version, the only type available was a viscous LSD. The aim of a limited slip differential is to put more torque onto the driving wheel which has the most grip. The viscous LSD relied on the wheel with less grip spinning faster than the wheel with more grip, so that meant that all LFS cars suffered quite a lot from inside (unloaded) wheel spin.

The new type is the clutch pack differential. In this case, there is no viscous coupling, and instead, the differential unit contains some clutch plates between the drive shafts and the outer casing of the differential unit. When you apply torque to the differential (under acceleration or engine braking) the clutch plates are squeezed together, so reducing differentiation and effectively shifting torque from the very slightly faster moving wheel (the inside wheel which is just starting to spin) to the very slightly slower moving wheel (the outer, loaded wheel). This happens much more quickly than the torque shift of a viscous LSD.

In the final drive settings you will see a Locking slider bar. The "percent locking" refers to the maximum torque difference between the drive shafts, as a percentage of the total torque applied. Therefore as you get close to 100%, it's becomes similar to a fully locked diff, and as you get close to 0%, it gets more like a fully open diff (fully locked and fully open differentials are also selectable, for testing or for interest).

In real life the amount of locking is adjusted by changing the ramp angles. Acceleration or engine braking pushes in a different way, so there are in fact two ramp angles - one for power and one for coast. On the XR GT TURBO, you have separate control of these two angles.

It makes quite a significant difference to the handling of the cars.

Changes in PATCH L :

FIX : Alpha sort of car windows / driver names / scenery
FIX : Number plate display when using special characters
FIX : Overhead names now shown unmirrored in the mirror
FIX : Garage 2d view showed another players car colour
FIX : Wheels are now always visible in force draw mode
FIX : Lap times / penalties carrying over to new race
FIX : Camber effect fixes (including low-lod physics)
FIX : BL Car Park now shown with name instead of BL3
FIX : Car's damage remaining at start of test drive
FIX : Auto shifter not changing down at low speeds
FIX : Missing characters in names output to files
FIX : Updated Blackwood track with various fixes
FIX : Fastest lap updated with an equal lap time
FIX : Sharper textures on flat / chalk objects
FIX : OOS - CAR on joining host or pit stop
FIX : Tyres overheating on soft surfaces
FIX : Repaired XF GTI shadow mesh

- Steer compensation slider moved to controls screen
- Visible driver in player options even when in game
- JOOS - RES R1 etc (results) auto-correction system
- JOOS - (other than results) auto-reconnect system
- Asymmetric pressure / camber + clickable settings
- Tyre temperature display shows green at optimum
- Clutch pack differentials replace viscous type
- Added optional ID parameter for OutSim packets
- Some text characters moved / added / improved
- Increased protection against message spamming
- List of games now shows private hosts clearly
- Show Pedals option now works in cockpit view
- List of games filters now work in demo mode
- New audio option for wind volume boost
- Improved default setups of demo cars
- XF GTI power increased to 120 bhp
- Training lessons updated

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