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'Dark and Light' Gets Release Date

by Rainier on April 4, 2005 @ 3:36 a.m. PDT

Dark and Light developer NPCUBE and publisher Farlan Entertainment, jointly announce today that the release date for their MMORPG Dark and Light has been set to November 2005.

César Jacquet, CEO of NPCube, says: "The development team has been reorganized and reinforced in order to strengthen its technical experience and to rewrite the elements of the game engine that were too slow and lacked the flexibility required for DnL expectations. The game has to be able to permanently evolve along with its community".

Frédéric Caille, CEO of Farlan, adds: "This important task allows us to set the release date to November 2005, and to open DnL gates for 2500 new beta testers".

This new reorganization of the production team allowed us to hire new artists, in order to propose you a varied and enriched vision of the world of Ganareth. Among the 12 playable races of DnL, you will be able to play charismatic characters with distinctive facial traits. Role-players will appreciate this!

Thanks to the new additions to the development team, a new dynamic management system has been made possible, to manage the items players drop on the floor. Each avatar can create its own habitat, with the help of its community (houses, production and exploitation units, etc.)

These new technical capacities, that are necessary for the coherence of the unique world of DnL, are so many assets that answer the community’s expectations. Everyone can experience things for real, build one’s universe, win true victories and share them with everyone.

The teamwork between Farlan and NPCube allowed them to rely on the extraordinary freedom of movement brought by "Mafate" engine, in order to provide players with a wide array of gameplay options. In particular, we chose to put the stress on the simplicity and efficiency of traveling in such a wide universe.

We also focused on a user-friendly interface in order to create a better learning curve and a better immersion in the world of Ganareth.

Keeping in mind the discussion of our choices with our community, we are happy to be able to satisfy the expectations of 2500 additional beta testers, while preparing the upcoming massive stress tests.

DnL is the story of the antagonism between Dark and Light factions for the conquest and control of the land of Ganareth.

Player evolution is made of, first, accomplishing different personal quests around the Social and Fighter axes, and second, getting involved in the community by playing a role that counts in the economic and political levels in Ganareth.

Both these axes are centered on 6 main gameplay styles:

For the Fighter axis

  • Fighting against the environment
  • Fighting against the opposite faction
  • Fighting for territorial conquest

For the social axis

  • Resource extraction
  • Production of crafted items
  • Exploitation of production units

In any gameplay style, players will have to master exploration skills in order to discover the world of Ganareth and to ride fantasy creatures.

Dark and Light is a game with a rich and varied game design, a vast and open world, a constant interaction between the universe and players, a really massive community, a strong immersion and an entertaining experience in a fantastic and attractive world.

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