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Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: SEGA

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'Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst' - Open Beta Client Available NOW

by Rainier on May 10, 2005 @ 2:15 a.m. PDT

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst introduces server-based storage of player data thereby freeing the players from being confined to playing from any single PC/location. New team system, enhanced character graphics, and better game controls are some of the other improvements introduced in the continuing evolution of PSO universe.

Get the Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Beta Client off WP (500mb)

The story picks up seven years after Pioneer 1 touched down on planet Ragol. As Pioneer 2 arrives to continue the settlement on this new world, contact is suddenly lost following a massive explosion on the surface. Players take on the role of a hunter, commissioned by the Governor-General to resolve the mystery unfolding on Ragol.


  • New Quests! - Thirty three quests have been created from the offline portion of the PSO story. Visit the Governor-General and receive up to 15 quests, or get to the Laboratory to accept 18 quests that await you there.
  • Customize 12 characters - A new character named Momoka is introduced through one of the Governor-General's quests. Also, new morphing technology allows you to customize your character's face, hairstyle, clothing, and body size.
  • Play from any PC - Your character data is held on a server allowing you to play anytime from any PC that has Internet access and PSO Blue Burst installed.
  • Team Features - Join a team and chat with other members at any time via "Team Chat". The "Team Point Ranking System" allows you to compete and it converts undesired rare items into team points.
  • 3D Battle Action - Outstanding sense of realism where results of battles are determined by player's ability and the parameters of the player's character. Customize your command palette for simple, straightforward operations.
  • Different modes to keep you on your toes – Including ‘Battle Mode’, ‘Challenge Mode’ and ‘Go Go Ball Lobby’.
  • Items galore - Collect and draw off the magic of more than 1,000 items throughout your many quests.

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