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'Trackmania Sunrise' Mod Contest

by Rainier on May 6, 2005 @ 10:03 a.m. PDT

Digital Jesters are offering talented modders, designers, gamers and of course the thousands of TrackManiacs already out there the chance to walk away with over £3000 worth of AMD goodness. All you have to do is impress our judges with your artistic flair and a top of the range AMD Shuttle could be yours.

If you have the talent and ability we want you to design the most stunning and imaginative TrackMania Sunrise Car mod our eyes have ever seen and the best TrackMania Sunrise stunt video we've ever had the pleasure of dropping our jaws to.

Ever since the release of TrackMania Sunrise the TMS community have been inundating sites like TM Exchange with their unique creations. Tracks that will make your eyes bleed, cars ranging from the sublime Porsche-a-likes to the utterly bizarre bath tub on wheels and stunt videos to make Tony Hawk envious.

Thanks to the intuitive in-game movie tools, directing your very own trick flick is a simple matter of driving like a raving loony and then cutting and editing your replay footage into a Bruckheimer esque rollercoaster ride. The real skill is knowing just how to caress the eyes and evacuate the bowels of your gob smacked viewers with some mind blowing trickery.

Creating the car models requires no more than a knowledge of 3D software like 3D max and the ability to turn a load of lines and polygons into the sexiest thing on four wheels outside of Kelly Brook's skateboarding school.

If you think you've got what it takes head over on over to this link and let our judges see the fruits of your labours

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