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Advent Rising

Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Majesco
Developer: GlyphX Games

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'Advent Rising' (Xbox/PC) Original Soundtrack

by Rainier on June 13, 2005 @ 1:03 p.m. PDT

Advent Rising is a 3rd person, action/adventure game presented in a stunning cinematic format that delivers an unprecedented variety of addictive game play experiences. Built on the Unreal Warfare Engine, it offers precise, refined play-dynamics with action-packed adventure and style, wrapped in a visually imaginative universe. Advent Rising is akin to a fast-paced action movie where the player is swept up in a continuously evolving series of sequences and events.

The Advent Rising soundtrack features original music written and produced by famous videogame composer Tommy Tallarico, and is performed by an award-winning 70-piece Hollywood orchestra and members of a world-class tabernacle choir recorded at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles, California.

An accomplished musician and videogame industry icon, Tommy Tallarico has been writing music for videogames for more than 15 years. His top titles include The Terminator, Earthworm Jim, Disney's Aladdin, Evil Dead, Metroid Prime, Maximo, Tomorrow Never Dies, Tony Hawk Pro-Skater and Spider-Man as well as popular game franchises such as Madden Football, Blitz Football, Pac-Man, Knockout Kings, Unreal, Mortal Kombat, Twisted Metal and Time Crisis. Tallarico was the first musician to release a videogame soundtrack worldwide (Tommy Tallarico's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – Capital Records) and has since released five videogame soundtrack albums, including James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies.

Developed by GlyphX Games and published and distributed by Majesco Entertainment Company, Advent Rising is a third-person action adventure presented in stunning cinematic form, delivering an astounding array of gameplay experiences. The first in a trilogy of games, Advent Rising sweeps players up in an ever-evolving series of amazing events, all within a rich story created in collaboration with award-winning science fiction author Orson Scott Card. Additional information about Advent Rising can be found at

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