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'Star Wars Galaxies' Adds New Content - Screens

by Rainier on June 14, 2005 @ 1:15 p.m. PDT

LucasArts and SOE continue to enhance their online glimpse into their favorite galaxy far, far away. This Tuesday's update features two particularly exciting additions. Three new elite creatures have been added for high-level players, each of which drops a signature trophy allowing victorious players to walk away with proof of their heroic accomplishment. Read more for details and screens ..

On Dathomir, battle the fearsome Bane Backed Spider. Or test your mettle against the new Murra Blanca or Painted Spat on Talus.

Battling new creatures is the perfect way to pass time until one of the galaxy's greatest holidays arrives - Empire Day! Coinciding with what Earthlings (more specifically, Americans) a long time from now will know as "the 4th of July," Empire Day celebrates the anniversary of Emperor Palpatine's formation of the first Galactic Empire. In the days leading to the event, Imperial loyalists have the opportunity to embark upon a series of quests that could possibly culminate in their meeting a certain Dark Lord of the Sith. Meanwhile, the Rebellion has its own plans - and its own scoundrel of a hero behind them. Whichever side players may serve, a great exclusive reward awaits their success.

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