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'Capcom Fighting Evolution' (Xbox) Knocks Its Way To Stores

by Rainier on June 16, 2005 @ 4:42 p.m. PDT

Capcom today released the ultimate 2D brawler with Capcom Fighting Evolution for the Xbox. Capcom has brought together popular characters from five classic titles in the Street Fighter and other Capcom series, for intense two-on-two player battles. Capcom Fighting Evolution will also allow players to put their skills to the test in cross continent match ups via the Xbox Live online gaming service.

Capcom Fighting Evolution offers a diverse cast of players as well as additional hidden characters from each of the following titles: Street Fighter II, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter III, Red Earth and Street Fighter Alpha. Each character maintains their unique fighting style from their respective title, so players must strategically use each one's combat system to defeatthat of their opponent as they square off in battle. With two-on-two action, gamers can mix and match their team from any of the different titles. The character change system allows players to choose a combatant for each round of the battle. Pitting the right competitor against the opponent based on the strengths of the fighting systems will be the key to victory.

"Capcom's fighting games have earned world wide respect and have elevated the industry standard to new heights over the years," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom USA. "With an arsenal of established characters, time-honored control schemes and versatile options, Capcom Fighting Evolution is a must have for any fighter fan."

Capcom Fighting Evolution includes the following features:

  • Characters from 5 classic Capcom titles:
    • Street Fighter II - Ryu, Guile
    • Darkstalkers - Demitri, Felicia
    • Street Fighter III - Yun, Chun-Li
    • Red Earth - Leo, Hauser
    • Street Fighter Alpha - Guy, Sakura
    • Plus additional hidden characters!
  • Two-on-two team battles - Choose a character for each round of battle; strategically pick the combatant based on the opponent’s powers and weaknesses
  • Classic 6 button control scheme
  • Title specific combat systems - Characters maintain their original fighting styles from their specific titles
  • Several gameplay modes:
    • Arcade mode - Defeat CPU characters in set number of rounds to reach the ending
    • Vs. mode - Exclusive battle mode where the player selects the characters, handicap settings and stages
    • Survival mode - Choose to battle all characters from the game in one sitting or keep fighting enemies until you lose
    • Training mode - Practice a variety of techniques on CPU characters; even record and review your gameplay to improve your skills
    • Gallery mode - View character illustrations, endings and additional items earned by clearing the various game modes
    • Game Replay mode - Save and view replays of your favorite battles
    • Option mode - Change settings including difficulty, match time, key configuration and more
  • Xbox Live enabled - for heated online match ups against players from around the continent

Capcom Fighting Evolution is now availableat retailers across North America and carries a “T” rating for teen audiences by the ESRB.

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