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Street Legal Racing: Redline

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Activision Value
Developer: Invictus

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'Street Legal Racing: Redline' - v2.2.1 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 26, 2005 @ 12:34 a.m. PDT

Time to see if you have the guts! The streets come alive after the sun goes down, and you're behind the wheel of a high octane, super charged import that takes no prisoners! This is where the street separates the men from the boys! Are you ready to race for respect or is life just passing you by?

Get the Street legal Racing Redline v2.2.1 patch off WP (40/10mb)


Known bugs:

- 98/ME Compatibility mode must be turned on for some XP versions otherwise SL2 crashes a lot
- Using new drivers for old ATI cards cause texture problems
- Pedestrians in the air - Disable pedestrians if you can't stand them
- Flappable parts can move away from the chassis when crashing
- low hp cars are too fast

v2.2.1 *official release* (2005.feb.10.)

- script engine update (speedup)
- wheels.rpk fix (rpk links to textures of non-existing files lead to random texture show up)

v2.2.0 *official release (Live! only)* (2005.jan.10.)

- audio section in the catalog can be enabled
- rim texture fixes
fixed by Furball:
- fixed incorrect Baiern 3.6 HC pistons placement.
- fixed the missing rims and missing tires re-enabled for V2.2.
- fixed piping for Turbo and super chargers on I4; fixes the piping on both to work correctly.
- fixed for Einvagen exhaust piping, smaller mesh size, fixed Einvagen to use proper exhaust down pipe, from exhuast header.
- fixed kit_Focer_WRC_engine.
- fixed transmissions and engine self destruction.

v2.1.9r6c update (2004.oct.01.)

- Fix: presing 'back to garage' at end of race leaves the game in slowmotion mode
- Fix: block_vee divison by zero

v2.1.9r6c (2004.sep.17.)

- Fix: more exe crashes
- Fix: mem leaks

v2.1.9r6b (2004.sep.10.)

- Fix: exe crashed after inital avis

v2.1.9r6 (2004.aug.30.)

- Fix: ghost car bug (car not rendered after changing clubs)
- Fix: memleak
- Fix: tyresmoke source location misaligned in some cases
- Add: latest version of Furballs patch
- Add: latest version of the Script Engine (less memory usage, more script speed)
!Dont forget to run post-install.bat after copying the files!

v2.1.9r5 (2004.mar.24.)

- Fix: Emer_Nonus 136er/145er connecting rods lead to misaligned piston positions
- Fix: Texture management/Mip-map bug (textures got blurry when having lots of mipmaps)
- Fix: More textures from JAG
- Fix: another random collision bug fixed
- Fix: SD exhaust too low
- Fix: 00:30 am is invalid
- Fix: Star II 21" rims has buggy mesh
- Add: Furballs working internal gauges patch
- Fix: Sounds are 2D in Garage/Test Car
- Fix: Engine and exahust sounds are coming from same position (car centre)
- Fix: explosion-like collisions happen in the ROC
- Fix: some differentials left in the parts bin make the game crash when loading the savegame
- Fix: mouse pointer misses buttons when in centre of the screen
- Fix: Car dealer camera mispositioned
- Fix: A few carparts physical shape has been corrected

v2.1.9r4 (2004.mar.06.)

- Fix: Clock is 24 not a 12 hour clock
- Add: Police fine voice overs missing
- Fix: Duhen front seat has wrong texture
- Add: Furball's nos light pack 1&2 (changed the color thought)
- Add: Furball's running gear fixes
- Fix: Petrol station in North has collide problems
- Fix: One of the taller advertisment objects has collide problems
- Fix: Day time fake racers missing steering wheels
- Fix: find and eliminate invalid resource links
- Fix: MC/Prime/SD engine has invalid resource links to the mid lod of L_cyl_head_cover/L_cyl_head/123er_crankshaft/L_exhaust_header/ Intake_manifold_converter/2x4_barrel_intake_manifold
- Fix: Some sounds and particles should be precached prior to entering a map
- Fix: Ambient city loops are too loud
- Fix: Baiern rear seat texture mismapped
- Fix: Exhaust piping misaligned for all MC/SD/DLH models
- Fix: Exhaust piping misaligned for all Baiern/Emer models
- Fix: Piston positions bad on the Emer/Baiern engine.
- Stripped out unused data from some rpk files
- Fix: MC/SD/DLH engine carburettors got no texture
- Fix: Inline4 Engine lod 1 swapped with lod 2
- Fix: Day race could never end
- Fix: Player's car now remain stopped after winning/losing a race
- Fix: All engine sounds revised, many of them updated
- New: Physics collision checking speeded up a bit
- Fix: SupaDity now defaults to R21 Tyres -> much less random collisions on ROC
- Sound engine revision done - many fixes
- Fix: skydome fix: am_01 2 suns, random skydomes used only on the first day
- Fix: Seats Roadster/Speed/Torino/Pisto were too big stick out of many car models
- Fix: damage indicator: one of the wheels is half-sized
- Add: added JAG's vehicle texture fixes
- Fix: Dayrace/Abandon leaves the path of the race on the mini-map

v2.1.9r3 (2004.feb.27.)

- First documented release
- Fix: Day time fake racers have no windows and side mirrors
- Fix: Traffic and pedestrians are missing in Free Ride mode
- Fix: Superduty rollbar ligths mispositioned
- Adding lights enabled for mufflers, and mostly for all the parts
- Fix: only one internal gauge can be working
- Fix: cannot drag&drop from the parts bin onto the car, sometime crashed
- Fix: all ambient sfx allocate a 3D sound buffers, 2D would be enought
- Fix: skid sound fx is too quiet
- Fix: Baiern hood missing grill texture
- Fix: Nonus missing front blinkers for signal lights
- Fix: Duplicated running gear items in the catalog

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