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'Metal Gear Acid' (PSP) European Launch Title

by Rainier on July 11, 2005 @ 2:56 a.m. PDT

Konami of Europe has announced that its card-based Tactical espionage action game starring characters from the popular Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Acid, universe is to be a launch title for Sony's PSP, which goes on sale in September.

Developed by the newly-formed 'Kojima Productions' team which is headed up by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Acid mixes the astounding aesthetics the series is famed for with a unique card-based battle system. Assuming the role of series hero, Solid Snake, Metal Gear Acid is set in the year 2016 and begins as a terrorist faction hijacks a jumbo jet carrying a man understood to be the next US President. The terrorists demand the handing over of a project known only as 'Pythagoras', which is understood to be in development on the isolated Lobito Island.

Snake is thus charged with discovering what exactly 'Pythagoras' is and acquiring it from the heavily fortified base. To this end, players begin the game with a selection of battle cards which offer different actions during action sequences. Thus, players must carefully select cards to allow Snake to sneak around the island, take out guards and reach his ultimate targets. As with previous Metal Gear titles, Metal Gear Acid throws in a series of plot twists, while the gameplay constantly evolves as further cards and abilities become available. Over 200 cards can be collected offering Snake a wealth of offensive possibilities, weapons and characters, while different decks allow for themed missions unique to each collection, further expanding the challenge.

"Metal Gear Acid marks a new beginning and direction for the Metal Gear series," commented Hideo Kojima, Corporate Officer at Konami Corporation. "The concept was to create a 'Metal Gear' for the handheld machine. Its card-based content allows players to enjoy a deeper level of tactical espionage, while the many cards ensure that a number of offensive or stealth options are always at the player's disposal. We are delighted that the game will accompany the Sony PSP's European launch, and hope fans of the series enjoy Solid Snake's newest small screen adventure."

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