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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Release Date: Sept. 20, 2005

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'Dragonshard' Demo Coming This Week - Screens

by Rainier on July 11, 2005 @ 12:35 p.m. PDT

Lead your warriors underground, to thrilling RPG-style dungeon campaigns that affect the myriad maneuvers above. Control armies of haunting power from another time, another plane, another bloodline, in this innovative fantasy experience from the legendary worlds of Dungeon & Dragons.

Eberron, which has been recently released by Wizards of the Coast, details a land composed of a dark underworld ruled by monsters and demons, and a surface world home to the civilizations of humans, dwarves, halflings, gnomes and more. Surrounding the world is the Ring of Siberys, a multi-colored belt of crystal shards and a source of tremendous magical power. These "dragonshards" occasionally fall to earth and are the cornerstone of all magic on Eberron.

The "Dragonshard" takes place at time when the world of Eberron is in chaos. Three forces are vying for control of a massive dragonshard, known as the Heart of Siberys. The ancient artifact has come to rest in a mystical part of Eberron known as Xen'drik, once home to ancient and powerful civilizations; it is now a place of mystery and monsters. Shielded by a circle of high mountains and blanketed by never-ending tempests and blizzards, this region has been shunned for millennia.

"When you think fantasy in the videogame business you think Dungeons & Dragons. And, when we're done with 'Dragonshard' players will associate real-time strategy with that same brand," said Ed Del Castillo, president and founder, Liquid Entertainment. "With our knowledge of the RTS genre and Atari's quality-first attitude to making this game great, we're confident 'Dragonshard' is going to be turning a lot of heads next year."

Each of the three warring factions in "Dragonshard" has its own role to play in the overall story of the game. One force is looking to free the power within the ancient shard and use it to further its own self-righteous cause -- it is The Order of the Silver Flame. A second faction has been expelled from its ancestral homes and has come seeking a dark tool for revenge -- these are the Umbragen. The third force in "Dragonshard" remains veiled and mysterious, its intentions unknown.

The Order of the Silver Flame is an alliance of humans and dwarves from the land of Khorvaire. The Flametouched have gathered together warriors from a variety of cultures and traditions, all of whom are united in their desire to fight for the light. Guided by a seer's visions, the Flametouched have assembled an army to destroy the Heart of Siberys; but the purpose behind this action is something that will only become clear as the campaign is unveiled.

The strength of the Silver Flame is in the versatility of its elite units. The Silver Flame provides players with a significant number of options, and each unit can adapt to fill many different situations. The forces of the Silver Flame are also familiar in form. Players can expect to control knights, wizards, priests and rogues among many others as they attempt to sway the tide of battle in their favor.

"Dragonshard" is scheduled to be available for personal computer in Spring 2005.

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