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'T-72: Balkans On Fire!' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on July 15, 2005 @ 4:51 a.m. PDT

Set in the violent period of civil wars in Yugoslavia from 1991 to 1995, T-72: Balkans on fire! puts the player as a Russian volunteer tank commander right into the turret of some of the best tanks the Russians built ­ the T-72B, the T-55A and the T-34-85. This demo features 3 missions from the full game. Read more for download links ...

Get the T72: Balkans on Fire! demo off WP (190)

The game is available for only $35 plus Shipping & Handling. It comes with a fully printed 70 page game manual and 2 Game CDs. The game will not be sold in stores, but - like all Battlefront titles - will only be available via mail order directly from Products ship out of Battlefront's US warehouse in Vermont and their European warehouse in Ireland (no additional taxes or duties to European customers).

1. Quick start

To get started quickly:
1. Start the game, select menu item: "Single mission".
2. Choose one of the single missions. After clicking on the mission title with the left mouse button, a briefing and the topographic map are displayed.
3. To start the selected mission, click on "Play".
4. After the mission loads, the player finds himself in the tank driver's station.
5. To start moving:
- E - start the engine,
- Up arrow or mouse scroll - increase fuel feed,
- B - release mountain brake,
- A - switch into first gear.
6. Turn using Left/Right arrow key or Left/Right mouse button - left or right turn control levers (move your mouse with the pressed left or right mouse button to the left or to the right, respectively).
7. Crew positions:
- F5 - driver,
- F6 - gunner,
- F7 - commander,
- F8 - AA machine gunner.
8. At gunner position:
- S key - turn on fire control system (SUO);
- Left, Right, Up, Down arrows or X and Y axis with left mouse button pressed - turret rotation or gun barrel up/ down;
- Mouse scroll or Numpad - and Numpad + - zoom out or zoom in, respectively;
- B and N keys - select ammunition type;
- R key - load chosen ammo type;
- Enter or right mouse button - activate range finding;
- Space key - main gun fire;
- Q key - co-axial machine gun fire.

2. System requirements

Minimum system requirements:
CPU - 1 GHz Athlon or Pentium III
Memory - 256 Mb RAM
Sound card - DirectX 9.0 compatible
Video card - GeForce 2/4MX, Radeon 7500
Hard drive - 2 Gb free space
Operating system - Windows XP/2000
DirectX - 9.0c

Recommended system requirements:
CPU - 2.8 GHz Athlon XP or Pentium IV
Memory - 512 Mb RAM
Sound card - Hardware support of DirectX 9.0 (for example, SB Audigy 5.1)
Video card - GeForce FX5600, Radeon 9600XT
Hard drive - 2 Gb free space
Operating system - Windows XP SP 1
DirectX - 9.0c

3. Installation

1) Make sure that more than 400 Mb of free space are available on your hard drive and that the Windows XP/2000 operating system is installed.
2) Install the latest CERTIFIED drivers for your video card after you DELETE the old drivers. Drivers can be downloaded from the card manufactureris web site. For example, for Radeon cards visit, for GeForce cards check
3) Install DirectX 9.0c
4) Install DIVX codec
5) Install game files into a directory on your hard drive.
6) Start the game by going to START->PROGRAMS->BATTLEFRONT->T-72 Demo->T-72 Game.
7) Enjoy!

4. Note about Demo Missions

The demo comes with three playable single player missions. The missions "Driving" and "Firing Range" will familiarize yourself with the proper functions of the game and vehicle and will end once all the objectives are met. The third mission (Dog fight) will not end even after you engage and destroy the enemy. This will allow you to drive around the entire map and shoot at any other targets you wish until you manually end the mission.

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