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Battle Carry

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: AFSL Games
Developer: AFSL Games

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'Battle Carry' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 12, 2005 @ 4:31 p.m. PDT

Battle Carry is an action oriented deathmatch game featuring high speed tanks and powerful secondary weapons. Take either of the two featured tanks on to the icy plains of the railway for a struggle against up to sixteen players to see who stands above the rest when the smoke clears!

Get the Battle Carry demo off WP (60mb)

Installing & Entering the Game

Open the executable file and install the game to a location of your choosing, preferably called 'BattleCarry'.

Launch the 'BattleCarry.exe' file, the shortcut on your desktop, or the Battle Carry shortcut found in your Start menu. This will pull up the current message of the day (MOTD). You will then be looking at the server selection screen. The game is currently multi-player only.

Click on the audio button to open your audio configuration options. Select those that best suit your hardware from the drop down menus. Defaults are set for best compatibility.

Click on the video button to open your video configuration options. Select those that you feel will run the best on your system. Typically a resolution of 1024x768 with all options set to medium result in best compatibility.

Find a server that appears to be populated and select it on the server browser.

Press connect and wait while the game loads and connects.

Playing the Game

Once in-game, press 'Escape' to open your configuration options. From here you can enter your player name (default: Player), change volume options, adjust texture and view distance detail, and invert your mouse. Press 'Escape' or click 'Return to Game' when finished. Option changes are automatically saved.

Note: Control bindings cannot currently be changed or customized.

Keyboard Controls:

In-Game Help - 'F1'


Forward - 'W'
Backward - 'S'
Turn Left - 'A'
Turn Right - 'D'
Brake - 'Q'
Hint - Hold down your brake to prevent sliding on hills or when stopped.

Air Control:

While in the air your movement keys can pitch and roll the tank to aid in controlled landings.

Pitch Backward (nose up) - 'W'
Pitch Forward (nose down) - 'S'
Roll Left - 'A'
Roll Right - 'D'

Miscellaneous Controls:

Flip Overturned Tank - Spacebar
Hint - When the tank is at high speed and upside down, flipping is disabled. Air control can often assist in righting a tank when flipping it is not an option!

Combat Controls:

Fire Main Gun - 'Left Mouse Button'
Fire Secondary Weapon - 'Right Mouse Button'
Hint - The Vulcan Cannon requires a moment to warm up before it begins firing. The right mouse button can be held down in order to fire a continuous stream of ammo.
Rockets are "dumb-fire" warheads that fly towards the point you designate with your reticule when firing.

Select Secondary Weapon - '1 - 5 Number Keys'
Hint - Secondary weapons available to you are displayed in boxes at the bottom of your heads up display. The weapon currently selected is identified by a black border around the square.

Drop Secondary Weapon - 'G'
Hint - This destroys your currently selected secondary weapon. Useful if you have accidentally equipped the same turret mounted weapon twice.

In-Game Configuration:

Change Tank or Team - 'R'
Toggle Game Options Screen - 'Esc'
In the options screen:
Change player name
Adjust screen gamma
Adjust mouse sensitivity
Inverted mouse Y axis

View Score Board - 'Hold Tab'
Global Chat - 'T'
Team Chat - 'Y'

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