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GT Legends

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: 10tacle
Developer: SimBin

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'GT Legends' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 17, 2005 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT

Numerous different game types as well as five levels of difficulty promise a high degree of long-term motivation for both beginners and pros. With a new engine, improved graphics and an extended list of features, GT LEGENDS will provide high authenticity, a detailed presentation and thrilling entertainment behind the steering wheel of an untamed racing beast.

Get the GT Legends trailer off WP (260mb)

GT Legends is the ultimate historic racing simulation bringing back the legendary spirit of the 60s and 70s. From the famous Mini Cooper to the muscular Corvette Stingray and fire breathing BMW CSL, GT Legends is the first game featuring all the legends of classic car racing. In decades past, these mythical machines regularly met in fierce combat on racetracks across the world. This was the time when racecars were nasty, super-powered brutes. It took no less than fearless manhandling and wit to survive the hard wheel to wheel racing that define their era.

Their moment of glory has since passed, to be found only in the pages of motor sports history and legend, until now. Recently the FIA decided to bring these machines back to the international racing scene and a new generation can experience these legendary cars once again. Enter the FIA GTC-TC European series for historic GT and Touring cars. Coming to an international racing venue near you, the FIA GTC-TC series features massive fields of classic GTs and Touring cars being raced in wheel-to-wheel combat with incredible levels of fervor and action.

The FIA runs three different championships for these cars: TC65: Touring Cars up to 1965, GTC65: Grand Touring Cars up to 1965, and GTC-TC76: Grand Touring and Touring Cars up to 1976 with the odd prototype thrown in for good measure. In GT Legends, we're starting you out with two low powered 60s Touring cars. You can start racing these cars and get to grips with the art of drifting these old beasts before graduating to the more powerful 60s GTs and fire breathing 70s machine with their huge slick tires.

Race and collect over ninety legendary GT and Touring cars of the 60s and 70s across some of Europe's most challenging and famous circuits. Enter cup challenges and build up your garage of amazing classic competition machines. Race your hard-earned collectables in online competitions and show off your latest unlocked rides. Only the best drivers get to drive the fastest and most desirable cars!

Power sliding action is the name of the game here; get ready to burn some rubber!

About the GT Legends Demo

The demo version gives you the chance to drive one of three FIA GTC-65 class cars (see below) against up to 10 computer controlled opponents, at the famous Dijon circuit (including two different layouts).

Please note that this is a work-in-progress demo and may not exactly reflect the features or quality of the final product.


This demo is protected with StarForce protection technology and requires StarForce protection drivers to be installed on your system.

If you are concerned about StarForce protection drivers being installed on your system, you may wish to use sfp.exe in the game's root directory.

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Home/Pro, x64
Processor 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or 100% compatible
Memory 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive 300 MB free installation space
3D Accelerator DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card with 64 MB
Sound Card DirectX 8.1 compatible
Input Keyboard and Mouse
DirectX Version 9.0c

Recommended Specifications

Operating Systems Microsoft Windows XP Home/Pro, x64
Processor 2 GHz Intel Pentium IV or 100% compatible
Memory 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive 400 MB free installation space
3D Accelerator DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 256 MB
Sound Card DirectX 9.0c compatible
Input DirectX 9.0c compatible force feedback steering
DirectX Version 9.0c

Installing the GT Legends Demo

Run GTLDemo.exe to install the demo. You need to have administrator rights to install GT Legends on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Professional/XP Home Edition.

Quick Start Guide

After installing the game, you will be prompted to set up basic graphic options using the GTLConfig program. The game can then be launched and you will create your player profile - enter your name and configure your game controller and other game play options (pay special attention to the settings which affect performance - see the "Maximizing Game Performance" section below). From there you can select the single race option, pick your car, track and number of opponents, and get racing!


If GTL fails to start, try changing the "Shader Level" setting in GTLConfig. Some graphics cards report incorrect information for the level they can support, and so the default "Auto" option can cause problems; this is especially common in integrated graphics chipsets such as those found in notebooks.

If you are still having problems, try updating your graphics card, sound card and motherboard drivers from the relevant web sites, for example:

ATI Technologies

Creative Labs




After changing/updating your video card drivers, or changing your monitor, you must run GTLConfig again.

Maximizing Game Performance

Here are some suggestions to maximize your racing experience with the computer you are using:

Adjust in-game settings.

01. Reduce the number of AI opponents.
02. Lower the “opponent detail” setting in the graphics menu.
03. Turn off “High Detail Wheels” in the advanced menu.
04. Turn off “High Res Car Livery” in the advanced menu.
05. Set “Shadow Quality” to medium in the advanced menu.
06. Turn off the “trackside characters” option in the graphics menu.
07. Beware using 60X daylight acceleration with large grids of cars. night racing is very machine intensive.
08. Turn down the "Shadows" option on the graphics menu.
09. To improve night racing performance, turn down the "Headlight Detail" option in the graphics menu.

Adjust settings on your PC.

01. Turn off anisotropic filtering and/or full screen anti-aliasing in your Windows Graphics control panel.
02. Turn off full screen anti-aliasing in GTLConfig.
03. Lower the resolution set in GTLConfig.
04. Lower the shader level set in GTLConfig.

Driving Guide

The GT Legends Demo contains three cars from the FIA GTC-65 class: a Chevrolet Corvette, a Lotus Elan, and a Jaguar E-Type Lightweight.

Chevrolet Corvette

Weight: 1325kg (with driver)
Weight Distribution % F/R: 52/48 no fuel
Engine: Chevy 327 V-8
HP: 430hp @6200 RPM
Torque: 550NM Torque @ 4000
Transmission: 4 speed
Aerodynamic Lift @ 100mph: 0N
Aerodynamic Drag @ 100mph: 927N
Tires: Dunlop Vintage Treaded
Front: 5.50M-15
Rear: 6.00M-15
Lateral Inertia: 1580kg/m2
CG Height from ground: 490mm
Drive train layout: Front Engine/Front trans Rear wheel drive
Front Suspension: Unequal length Upper/lower control arms
Rear Suspension: Independent rear trailing arms w/ lateral link

Classic American Iron. It’s easy to see why this is a favorite car in the FiA GTC-TC vintage race series. With its legendary Chevy small-block V-8 engine, it drives predictably, transmitting a sense of confidence in its handling. In order to take this car to maximum speed, it must be pushed into a slide in most corners. It will rotate around its center, which makes it easy to balance with the throttle. The technique is to enter the corner fast enough to get its tail out almost immediately - feeding the throttle as you turn in. Back the throttle off just enough to keep a slight sideways attitude past the apex. When the exit is in sight, you can increase throttle to sway the rear end out just a bit further and safely balance the car to the exit. Tight corners use much less throttle and more pure steering. It is fairly nimble for a heavy car as its near 50/50 weight balance, low center of gravity, and fully independent suspension allow the Corvette to be handled sports car like.

Jaguar XKE Lightweight

Weight: 1130kg (with driver)
Weight Distribution % F/R: 51/49 no fuel
Engine: Jaguar 3.8L In-line 6
HP: 275hp @5750 RPM
Torque: 365NM Torque at 4250
Transmission: 4 speed
Aerodynamics Lift @ 100mph: 0N
Aerodynamic Drag @ 100mph: 830N
Tires: Dunlop Vintage Treaded
Front: 5.50M-15
Rear: 6.00M-15
Lateral Inertia: 1107kg/m2
CG Height from ground: 440mm
Drive train layout: Front Engine/front trans Rear wheel drive
Suspension Front: Upper/lower control arms
Suspension Rear: Upper/lower control arms

This is the factory built “Lightweight” with an all aluminum body. It’s got a perfect balance of handling vs. power and is easy to drive fast. The venerable Jaguar 3.8L straight 6’s ample amounts of low-end torque make this car good on the corner exits. As the car slides quite nicely, a driving style promoting this behavior will ensure the Jaguar’s competitiveness against the Corvette. This car easily adapts to your driving style.

Lotus Elan 26R

Weight: 760kg (with driver)
Weight Distribution % F/R: 48/52 no fuel
Engine: Lotus Ford 1600CC
HP: 160bhp@7800
Torque: 176NM Torque at 6000
Transmission: 4 speed
Aerodynamic Lift @ 100mph: 0N
Aerodynamic Drag @ 100mph: 550N
Tires: Dunlop Vintage Treaded
Front: 5.25M-13
Rear: 5.25M-13
Lateral Inertia: 707kg/m2
CG Height from ground: 440mm
Drive train layout: Front Engine/front trans Rear wheel drive
Suspension Front: Upper/lower control arms
Suspension Rear: Chapman Strut

Take the good parts of the Elite, make it even lighter, and add a 160HP Lotus Ford Cortina engine and you’ve got the nearly unbeatable combination of the Lotus Elan 26R. This car can win at any track only showing weakness where the straights are long. It has all the traits of a pure racecar and its incredible light weight and slick aerodynamics make it another easy ride. The driver only needs to pay attention to the throttle in the slow corners, as there is enough power to destabilize the car – however, it is very easy to recover. There are no tricks to driving it, just point it where you want to go. Watch out for high-speed turns like the top of Spa’s Eau Rouge as the speed you carry up there can make this light car lift off its tires.

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