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Use EA's Sports Edge To Analyze Your 'Fantasy Football' Team

by Rainier on Aug. 3, 2005 @ 1:08 p.m. PDT

Fantasy Football from Electronic Arts today launches its exclusive EA SPORTS Edge, a personal analysis tool that gives fantasy football owners customized score predictions for every player on a team's roster.

"In fantasy football team owners have to rely on other sources to determine their draft strategy, such as previous year's stats, news reports, and even the Weather Channel," said Barry Dorf, producer, EA SPORTS Fantasy Football. "We created EA SPORTS Edge to give fantasy owners a one-stop location for choosing the best players to play from week to week. The result is personalized expertise that is not available through any other service."

A system of sliders will allow fantasy owners to "weight" different variables and determine what's important in calculating each player's weekly scores.

The variables include:

  • Offensive Line Health
  • Weather
  • Player Stats Last Season
  • Player Stats This Season
  • Importance of Game
  • -Health of Player
  • Player Stats from Last Week
  • Strength of Opposing Defense

EA SPORTS Edge empowers each owner to systematically determine their player scores with the goal of creating the best possible team lineup throughout the season. A rookie quarterback against a strong defense might have the "Strength of Opposing Defense" at a higher level; a running back playing in the sunshine would have the "Weather" level at a minimum setting; and for fantasy owners who believe that Peyton Manning will repeat his 2004 TD passing performance, the "Player Stats Last Season" category would be in an elevated position.

Kickoff your EA SPORTS Fantasy Football league here:

The EA SPORTS Fantasy Football Commissioner cost for this innovative league is $49.99, and each EA SPORTS Fantasy Football Team Owner pays $9.99. EA SPORTS Edge is included.

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