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'City of Heroes' Issue #5: Forest of Dread Goes Live

by Rainier on Aug. 31, 2005 @ 8:41 a.m. PDT

NCsoft announces that the latest Issue #5: Forest of Dread update has gone live, and is available at no extra cost for existing subscribers to download right now. Issue #5 features a thrilling new Zone for heroes to explore – the mystical Croatoa, which is populated by monstrous new villains such as the giant Fir Bolg and the legendary Tuatha de Dannan. A new epic Task Force is also available in Croatoa for heroes to complete.

Two exciting new power sets are also being debuted with Issue #5: Archery and Sonics, available to Defenders, Blasters and Controllers. New Zone Events will test heroes to the limit, asking them to stop arson attacks and break up an out-of-control superpowered rave. All this, as well as new mission customizations and brand new badges, ensures City of Heroes will be more enticing than ever with Issue #5.

"Play testing on the internal servers has been going well and we're happy to say that Issue #5 is now ready for City of Heroes players all over Europe," says Stephen Reid, Content and Community Manager, NCsoft Europe. "We've got tons of exciting new content for our players, which should keep them busy until the debut of City of Villains."

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