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L.A. Rush

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway

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'L.A. Rush' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Pre-Order Incentive

by Rainier on Aug. 31, 2005 @ 8:54 a.m. PDT

L.A. Rush recreates a living, breathing go anywhere Los Angeles with highly destructible environments, players will be able to explore Los Angeles by day or by night from Compton, to LAX, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the beaches of Santa Monica. <br><br> The story mode of L.A. Rush presents a powerful lifestyle adventure in a fully free-roaming city. Pure racing skills are on the line as the world's best street racers gather in L.A. and the player's self-respect is up for grabs in a variety of non-racing driving missions. Cop chases, gridlock, cross-traffic, high-flying jumps, and the death-defying shortcuts that the Rush franchise is known for take L.A. Rush beyond the standard tuner-car simulation game.
Gamers can now fuel their racing fever by pre-ordering L.A. Rush to receive Midway Arcade Treasures 3, containing the Arcade Classic Rush and seven more 3-D racing classics, for free. L.A. RUSH features an in-depth story mode, intense head-to-head racing, an exclusive soundtrack, and open word racing where players can race, roam and run over 350 miles of drivable in their pimped out whips, customized by the renowned crew at West Coast Customs.
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