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Live for Speed: S2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: LFS
Developer: LFS

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'Live For Speed: S2' - v0.5P2 Alpha Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 8, 2005 @ 10:02 a.m. PDT

With LFS S2 important features have been added, dynamic camber (improved simulation of suspension and different suspension types), highly detailed tire physics and a damage model have been introduced.

Get the Live For Speed S2 v0.5P2 Alpha Patch off WP (1mb)

Important :
This is Live for Speed S2 ALPHA.

ALPHA means : LFS S2 is still in the testing and development stage.

This software comes with no warranties of any kind.


New Car Filter System (List of Games Screen)

The car filters help you find the host you want.

The QUICK method of using the filters :

Use the car class buttons on the right of the screen to quickly set several car filters. ALL is the default.

For fine tuning or manual operation :

Click on the vertical car names in the list of games. You can set them to GREY, BLUE or RED.

GREY : You don't mind if this car is enabled or not
BLUE : This car MUST be available on the host
RED : This car must NOT be available on the host

- Leave most of them GREY (the default colour)
- The cars you want to use, set them to BLUE
- Use RED only for cars you really don't want to see

Guests : please do join empty hosts - people will join!
Hosts : please don't allow all cars, if possible.

Restart Vote Limitations (for hosts and administrators)

/rstmin=60 : No RESTART votes for 60 seconds after start
/rstend=30 : No RESTART votes for 30 seconds after finish
Also, no restarts after finish if 2 people are still racing


FIX : Switching between SPR / MPR now resets to top of list
FIX : Overlapping text in translated Pit Instructions (F12)
FIX : Force feedback when using "/" or message to player
FIX : Tiny suspension damage causing long pit stop
FIX : Crash on clicking user buttons in host options
FIX : Bug in /exit command from Multiplayer screen


- Qualification Time and Race Laps display in F12 menu
- Pit Stop Required - message at start lasts a bit longer
- Qualifying or Race Restarts - clearly visible in garage
- Zoom keys for SHIFT+U mode : 4,5-IN / 6,7-OUT
- Increased size of MPR packet stash

Updated Text Commands

These commands can now be used in game :
/car X /setup X

New commands for setup screen / in game :
/colour X /player X

New commands with no parameter :
/join /spectate /leave

InSim Updates

FIX : InSim excessive packet flood on race restart
FIX : Text commands can now be issued at a fast rate

InSimVer (protocol number) is increased to 2 (was 1).

/rcm MESSAGE ... set a Race Control Message to be sent
/rcm_ply USERNAME ... send the RCM to USERNAME
/rcm_all ... send the RCM to all
/rcc_ply USERNAME ... Clear USERNAME's RCM
/rcc_all ... Clear all RCMs

/pitlane USERNAME ... send username to the pit lane

/p_dt USERNAME ... give drive through penalty
/p_sg USERNAME ... give stop-go penalty
/p_30 USERNAME ... give 30 second time penalty
/p_45 USERNAME ... give 45 second time penalty

/mp LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS PORT (entry screen... join local game)

Installation :
A FULL version of LFS S2 ALPHA must already be installed!

To install PATCH P2 :

1) Move the zip file into your LFS folder

2) Right click on the zip file and select "Extract to here"

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