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'Heroes of Might and Magic V' Dungeon Faction - Details & Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 21, 2005 @ 12:44 p.m. PDT

Heroes of Might & Magic V will benefit from the features and characteristics that established the success of the initial saga while offering a wealth of innovations such as a highly immersive scenario, a variety of appealing factions, modern 3D graphics, a revolutionary tactical combat system, and a story-based campaign mode. Read more for details on the Dungeon faction.

The Dungeon faction is led by the Dark Elves, who are renegades from the Sylvan faction. Long ago they made a pact with the mysterious Faceless, and as a result the whole nation embraced the darkness and chose to live in the underground world of Ashan, building their cities in the huge caves there. The Dungeon society is built around secrecy, plots, betrayal, and occultism.

This new faction completes the new Might & Magic universe and will deepen the whole game.

In addition Ubisoft is proud to confirm that the famed Academy and Sylvan factions from the previous installments of the series will make their way into this new opus. Additional details will be revealed soon.


“Hide, listen, watch, learn… And when the time is right, strike from the shadow.”

• AKA: The Dark Elves.
• Associated colors: Black and purple.
• Worship: Malassa, the Dragon of Darkness, keeper of deadly secrets.
• Core philosophy: “We rule the shadows, and someday the shadows will rule everything.”
• Country/kingdom: Ygg-Chal, the Dark Below.
• Home terrain: Dungeon.
• Capital city: Konos, the Maze of Shadows.
• Key symbols: Snake, featureless mask.
• Description:

The Dark Elves are renegades from the Sylvan factions who long ago made a pact with the mysterious Faceless. As a result, the whole nation embraced the darkness and chose to live in the underground world of Ashan, building their cities in the huge caves there.

The Dark Elves worship the Dragon of Darkness, and because their deeds in her name are their worship, the Dungeon society is built around secrecy, plots, betrayal, and occultism. Each town is ruled by a clan with a High Priestess at its head. Women are almighty in the Dungeon society, for they lead the religious, political, and military powers. They do not raise their children themselves, but send them to the temple instead, where they will learn all the arts a young Dark Elf must know to survive.

In peace time, the Dark Elves use their very particular skills against other Dark Elf cities, to strengthen their own clans. But in war time, all these skills dedicated to murder and plots are turned on the common enemy. On the battlefield, Dungeon troops are renowned for their superior agility and power, even amongst their basic units. Fortunately for their enemies, this superiority is scarce and comes at a higher cost, for the Dark Elves are few in numbers and each loss is a severe blow to their military might.


528 YSD: Tuidhana’s Secession
Tuidhana, legendary founder of the Dark Elves, declares independence from the Elven Kingdom.

540 YSD: War of the Bitter Ashes – Birth of the Dark Elves
The Elves of Irollan and the Human Knights of the Holy Falcon Empire are at war, with Tuidhana's kingdom as the main battlefield. Her territory under attack from both sides, Tuidhana makes a pact with the Faceless for the power to protect her people. Those who follow her are changed by the blessing of Malassa, Dragon of Darkness. From this day on, they will be known as the Dark Elves. With the support of their new allies, they will expel both the Elves and the Humans from their land.

548 YSD: The Peace of New Spring
The Holy Falcon Empire forfeits any claim to elven lands and makes extensive reparations. The Dark Elf kingdom's independence is recognized – at sword point – by Elves and Humans, but intermittent hostilities persist across the borders.

566 YSD: Day of the Tears of Fire – Death of Tuidhana
A massive fire burns down the Elven capital. The High King dies in the flames with most of his court. Brythigga, the Mother of Trees, sacred to the Elves, is also consumed by the fire. The loss is devastating.

The Dark Elves are blamed and offered exile or death. Most choose exile; the rest are hunted down and destroyed without mercy. Tuidhana remains with her lands and is killed.

585 YSD: Discovery of Demon Implication in the Day of the Tears of Fire
The Dragon Knights bring evidence to the Elves that Brythigga’s criminal fire was set by a Demon spy.

Emissaries are sent from the forest to the wandering Dark Elves, offering amnesty and inviting them to return home. The offer is refused.


Scout (Upgrade: Assassin)
• Fresh from the temple, the scouts are young apprentices following their practical tests for their final examination, after which they will graduate and can become assassins. Although young and inexperienced, they already have strong theoretical and physical training in the art of killing. They are equally gifted in ranged and melee combat.

Blood Sister (Upgrade: Blood Fury)
• The Blood Sisters are the core of the Dungeon infantry. These servants of the dragon of darkness master a deviant form of the Sylvan martial art. They are so fast in combat that they can charge and evade in the same strike. As a result, they are the perfect troops for any strategy based on skirmish attacks. They will never get stuck in an endless melee.

Minotaur Slave (Upgrade: Minotaur Guard)
• In the Dungeon society, the Minotaurs are usually used as slaves to perform the most degrading and tedious works. However, the Minotaurs are known for their bravery and dignity. They will perform any task at their best, including fighting for their slaveholders. In fact, their prowess in combat gained them respect not only amongst the Dark Elves, but also within the other factions.
Dark Raider (Upgrade: Dark Champion)
• The Dark Raiders are the cavalry of the Dungeon faction. Mounted on their ferocious Cave Lizards, they will charge on the enemy, shattering its shield and blasting its armor. Their charge is so ferocious that even the biggest creatures may be unable to resist them. The Dark Raiders usually patrol the Dungeon maze, attacking any enemy foolish enough to venture that deep into the cave.

Hydra (Upgrade: Deep Hydra)
• The Hydras are, with the Black Dragons, the oldest inhabitants of the underground world of Ashan. They were already there when the Dark Elves arrived, and finally tolerated them. As time went by, both races drew closer and finally reached a tacit alliance grounded on a common desire to preserve the caves from any “luminous” influence. Hydras are slow creatures. They prefer to ambush their prey from the darkness of their den and then strike swiftly. Of course, they can strike up to three targets at once.

Shadow Witch (Upgrade: Shadow Matriarch)
• The Shadow Witches dedicate their lives to Malassa. They are granted supernatural powers that allow them to throw devastating shadow bolts at their enemies. They also can cast spells to weaken their attackers, or to urge their own troops into combat.

Shadow Dragon (Upgrade: Black Dragon)
• Sons and daughters of Malassa, the Shadow Dragons usually keep the entrances to the Maze of Shadows. The younger ones (meaning only a few hundred years old) sometimes assist the Dark Elves in exchange for untold secrets, rare and exotic gifts, or blood-sealed pacts.

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