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Rising Kingdoms

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: BlackBean Games
Developer: Haemimont Games

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'Rising Kingdoms' - v1.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 22, 2005 @ 11:47 a.m. PDT

Rising Kingdoms is a Real-Time Strategy set in a fantasy world, which focuses on empire development and dynamic tactical battles.

Get the Rising Kingdoms v1.1 patch off WP (5mb)

New Features

Area skills of the Champions now display the affected area and units before the skill is used
Online Battle interfaces now remain while you're starting a game, also chat history is retained
Shift+Group number now automatically adds the currently selected units to the group
Added a list of network ports that need to be open in the multiplayer screens

Major Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused 'Continue Campaign' and 'Restart Mission' to make the game hang
Fixed many network stability issues resulting in 'Desync' errors
Riva TNT2 and other low-profile video cards are now supported
Fixed a problem that caused a 'The game was cancelled by the host' error when the multiplayer game was actually started and not cancelled
Behaviour of Human and Darkling magic units substantially improved - now they follow the other units more closely and don't separate from them, Monk heals units while attacking a point, etc
Destroying a Forester Magic House now properly decreases the population limit
Fixed the Hold Position command so that it always works
Fixed a problem that caused units infested by Sprites or Sparkling Spies to be unable to fight
Fixed a crash that happened when you try to place a building near a friendly Stoneshaper
Fixed a problem which caused game replays to replay the game differently than it happened
Fixed a problem that caused object names to be cut in the interface
Various localization problems with texts not fitting their fields are now fixed

Other Bug Fixes

Fixed a Desync issue that appeared when a multiplayer game is paused after a player is defeated and currently spectating
The music from the main menu is now changed when a game is loaded
Multiple interface and visual problems fixed
The last race used for multiplayer is now remembered
Seedkeeper plants now don't shoot at ghost Champions
You can now see units' healthbars while spectating
Altar of Salvation now has the proper art
White Wolves (Queen of the Wolves) now participate more actively in the fight
Charms now have portraits in the interface
Pain Link skill now works properly
Paladins now activate their Leadership ability when killing an enemy with Death Blow
Summoning and teleportation skills like Altars, Plant Beast, etc. made to fail less often and pick a closer point for the summoned object
Made some fixes to handle Alt+Tab and screensavers better, now the game doesn't block
Fixed a problem with Divine Journey that could cause a Champion to become uncontrollable
Fixed a bug that disabled all upgrades in a building when an upgrade was cancelled
AI - improved retreat behaviour, made units to not wander aimlessly in battle, fixed a bug that caused creating excess Workers or Peasants
Oracle's Exorcism now properly damages summoned plants
Nomad Fountain and Elf Magic Market no longer stay on the minimap after being destroyed
Units in the Wizard of the Bow's Shelter now cannot be stunned or damaged by splash damage
Fixed a problem that caused the Wizard of the Bow to remain 'invincible' after climbing down from the Crystal Tower
Witch Queen's attack button now works while levitating and her healthbar is not displaced
Fixed a problem causing the Witch Queen to auto levitate when she was killed while levitating
Independent units now come to fight when you attack their Town Hall even if they are far
Fixed a problem that prevented some units to get the bonus from Strength of the Forest
Fairy's Rage Impulse now doesn't affect neutral wolves


Legendary units can now be recruited with a recharge time of 150 sec (increased from 60 sec)
Spirit of Creation heal rate increased to 30 (from 24)
Forester Werewolf - Open Wounds now remain for 90 sec (decreased from 240 sec)
Dark Mages now have medium armour, as all other magic/ranged units do
Humans start with 14 population (was 18), but each house increases the population by 9 (was 8)


Battle Angel - damage increased to 55 (from 35)
Battle Angel - picking up Potion of Vitality gives him 60 health (from 75)
Wind Rider - damage decreased to 32 (from 39)
Wind Rider - health increased to 550 (from 500)
Wind Rider - armour reduced to 2 (from 5)
Witch Queen - damage decreased to 34 (from 42)
Witch Queen - health increased to 450 (from 400)
Wizard of The Bow - damage decreased to 36 (from 48)
Wizard of The Bow - health increased to 450 (from 400)
Monk - heal amount decreased to 9 (from 10)
Shadow Mistress - spiritual fire damage increased to 150 (from 120)
Guard Tower - health and damage reduced with about 10%; build time increased to 80 sec (from 60 sec)


Shaman - health decreased to 500 (from 600); now they attack twice slower; cap on damage vs. heroes 400; fixed a bug where the shamans attack tower that is already on 0 health (but playing desctruction animation)
Ranger's Tower - health and damage reduced with about 10%; build time increased to 80 sec (from 60 sec)


Darkling Axemaster - damage increased to 50 (from 35)
Cannoneer - health decreased to 480 (from 590)
Spire - health and damage reduced with about 10%; build time increased to 80 sec (from 60 sec)


Elven Archers - damage decreased to 12 (from 15)



Stone Shaper - cost reduced to 320 gold and 8 gems (from 350 gold and 10 gems)
Dark Citadel - cost reduced to 300 gold and 6 gems (from 420 gold and10 gems)


Hunters - cost reduced to 300 gold and 7 gems (from 320 gold and 7 gems)

Shamans Hut - cost reduced to 200 gold and 5 gems (from 280 and 10 gems)

Werewolf - cost reduced to 350 gold and 7 gems (from 420 gold and 8 gems)


Advanced Weaponry - cost reduced to 250 gold and 6 gems (from 350 gold and 6 gems)

Knights - cost reduced to 320 gold and 5 gems (from 350 gold and 6 gems)

Paladin - cost reduced to 250 gold and 4 gems (from 270 gold and 4 gems)

Composite Longbows - upgrade cost decreased to 120 gold and 4 gems (from 210 gold and 4 gems)



Battle Angel - Guardian Spirit now absorbs 650 damage (from 450)
Battle Angel - Lightning Shield damage increased to 25 (from 20)
Wizard of the Bow - Crystal Tower health decreased to 600 (from 800)
Wizard of the Bow - Crystal Tower recharge is now 25 sec and starts when the Wizard leaves the Tower
Wizard of the Bow - Crystal Tower now doesn't give Militia bonus
Wizard of the Bow - damage bonus on Crystal tower decreased to 15 (from 25)
Wizard of the Bow - damage of Hailstorm decreased to 40 (from 45)
Wind Rider - Gallop recharge time increased to 90 sec (from 40 sec)
Witch Queen - Voice of Damnation chance to curse increased to 75 (from 45), but when the Queen picks the Voice of Damnation Skill her damage is permanently decreased by 34 (her base damage)
Witch Queen - Withering Breeze slow factor decreased to 25 percent (from 35)


Queen of the Wolves - Assassin Wolves recharge time increased to 60 sec (from 20 sec)
Queen of the Wolves - Blood Feeding damage bonus decreased to 15 (from 25)
Queen of the Wolves - Werewolf bonus damage increased to 51 (from 33)
Sharpshooter - Corrosive gas shot damage decreased to 25 (from 30), recharge time increased to 90 sec (from 80 sec); duration decreased to 15 sec (from 20); duration is halved when cast on champions
Sharpshooter - range decreased to 350 (from 400), bonuses of Eagle Eye : range decreased to 150 (from 200), sight bonus decreased to 200 (from 420)
Fairy - Mind control on legendary units last half the time
Seedkeeper - Venom damage decreased to 13 per second (from 18 per second)
Seedkeeper - Plant beast health decreased to 500 (from 650); damage decreased to 20 (from 35); range decreased to 350 (from 400)
Seedkeeper - Overlord health decreased to 1000 (from 1250); damage decreased to 45 (from 55)
Seedkeeper - Cactus damage decreased to 200 (from 250); Cactus range decreased to 150 (from 200)


Empath - Resurrect skill now brings units to life at 25% health
Empath - Fervent Disintegration damage decreased to 200 (from 250)
Empath - Dichotomize cannot be cast on legendary units anymore
Soulmonger - Soul Burn damage decreased to 125 (from 175)


Dragon Fury - recharge time decreased to 6 min (from 9 min)


Plunder - recharge time decreased to 6 min (from 8 min)


Pot of Gold - now increases your current gold by 75% (from 50%)

Firewall and anti-virus issues

If you have any firewalls or antivirus software installed you may need to reconfigure them for Rising Kingdoms if you are having problems connecting to GameSpy after patching. When patching, the game EXE is changed and your firewall or antivirus may recognize it as a different application.


For multiplayer games, all players must install this patch.

Savegames from previous versions of the game will continue to work. However, replays saved with the previous versions won't load.

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