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NBA 2k6

Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Publisher: 2K Sports

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'NBA 2K6' (PS2/Xbox/X360) - 11 Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 3, 2005 @ 1:43 a.m. PDT

In NBA 2K6 ballers achieve NBA superstar status with the new 24/7 mode, where created players now participate in training camps, competitions and even land endorsement deals. Players elevate their game by utilizing the innovative V.I.P. System to challenge profiles of friends and other NBA 2K6 gamers across the country that match their gameplay tendencies down to the most minute detail.

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NBA athletes who never challenge their abilities can never improve their game; only the NBA athletes who can adapt their skills to make the important baskets in the most intense situations elevate their game to the next level. For years, basketball video games have followed the basic mechanic of the “shoot” button. There have been attempts to make interesting additions to the basic “shoot” button mechanic, but shooting the ball has remained relatively unchanged. Now, NBA 2K6 will elevate gamers to the next level through the new Shot Stick.

Using the Right Analog Stick, the Shot Stick is simple and intuitive to use, yet challenging and exciting to master. By pressing and holding down on the Right Analog stick, the player will begin his jump shot animation. As the player releases the ball, releasing the Right Analog Stick at the right time will ensure the most accurate jump shot. This intuitive mechanic really shines when performing layups. Now, with the Shot Stick, players attempting layups can choose to layup from the left side or right side of the basket. This allows for an unprecedented amount of control when selecting the right shot.

Lastly, the Shot Stick not only delivers outstanding shot control but when used in conjunction with the Aggressive button, users can now choose what dunks they perform. Up to five different types of dunks can be performed, determined by the dunk ability of the player and the commands executed by the gamer. Whether it’s a thunderous two-handed jam by Shaq (Right on Shot Stick + Aggressive button) or a show-stopping 360 dunk by Tracy McGrady (full-circle motion on Shot Stick + Aggressive button), gamers call all the shots.

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