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Fatal Inertia

Platform(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Publisher: KOEI
Developer: KOEI

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'Fatal Inertia' (PS3/X360) Locations - 14 New Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2006 @ 3:23 a.m. PST

Set in the 23rd Century Fatal Inertia mixes street racing, demolition derbies and rallying with a futuristic setting where machines no longer need wheels and the laws of physics govern all. The sport is called Inertia and it's one that offers a heady mix of speed, combat and real world environments that can be used to make your victory and break your opponents.

Fatal Inertia is the dynamic opening salvo from Koei's brand new Canada studio. With a distinctly Western flair, this game represents the first step into an all-new genre for Koei. Fatal Inertia presents the stunning contrast of vibrant, futuristic vehicles battling and racing in a variety of beautiful, natural environments. There are a wide range of physics-based weapons, and you'll discover new ways to use them every time you play. Harnessing the power of the PlayStation 3, this game offers a physics engine that is core to the gameplay, and that offers complete interaction between vehicles, weapons, and environments. Combining speed, technique, and customizability, Fatal Inertia will bring players combat racing unlike anything they've ever experienced. This is truly the next generation!

1. Lost Canyon

The passage of time goes virtually unnoticed amidst the towering arches of the Lost Canyon. Abandoned since the closing of a mining operation in the early 20th century, this canyon has remained largely unchanged over the past two centuries. Relics of the operation remain abundant throughout the canyon, from caves carved out of the solid rock to cranes and dilapidated buildings. Racers must be wary of these obstacles as they are not quite as sturdy as they once were.

2. Deepwoods Pass

Once an active logging camp, Deepwoods Pass has now mostly returned to its natural state. The sensation of speed is extreme while racing through the depths of this temperate rainforest. Blowing past pristine old-growth redwoods and expansive marshlands at more than 200 kmph can be extremely dangerous and piloting through harrowingly narrow paths cut through walls of rock is borderline suicidal. One of the most challenging locations in Fatal Inertia, Deepwoods Pass will see drivers flying through waterfalls, racing headlong into thick fog, and reacting to avoid the massive, dead trees that can come crashing down at any time.

3. Paradise Isle

Somewhere in the south pacific lies a group of undisturbed islands, surrounded by emerald-green waters and white-sand beaches. These uninhabited islands look like an ideal paradise with breathtaking scenery replete with the vivid colours of tropical flora and shimmering water. However, Paradise Isle is not a vacation resort; it’s the beautiful backdrop for the races of Fatal Inertia. Racers must be careful to keep their minds on the competition and not on the scenery or they may find themselves headfirst in the sand, or worse, into a rocky outcropping. The courses in Paradise Isle may seem relatively less constricting than those of other locations, however, shipwrecks and other hazards that have washed up on the shores make for very challenging races.

4. Devil’s Peak

Devil’s Peak was given its name after its last major eruption decimated a section of nearby Echo City. The remnants of this formerly prosperous industrial region are scattered throughout the area, from the skeletons of buildings and abandoned vehicles to discarded gas canisters and oil pipelines. The mountainous terrain consists of many shear cliffs and vertical drops that make racing extremely treacherous. Combined with rapid twists and turns, the racecourses on Devil’s Peak are akin to a massive roller coaster ride without rails.

5. Glacier Bay

True to its name, glaciers float in abundance in the waters off the coast of Glacier Bay, a snow-swept region in the northern Rockies. Racers must navigate their way through forests of evergreens, plunge headlong into ice caves, and avoid the jutting ice formations when out on the water. While obstacles are plentiful in Glacier Bay, its courses exhibit unsurpassed freedom as there are many ways racers can cut corners and find new ways to get ahead. Precision handling skills will be vital to success in Glacier Bay as blinding snowstorms occur frequently in the region. The ability to handle these conditions separates the elite drivers from the rest of the pack.

Features :

  • The foundation of Fatal Inertia is its physics engine, which uses the power of the PS3 to create weapons and environments that are unlike anything seen before. The beautiful natural environments aren't just scenery - they are there to be used in combat, and rock walls can quickly become avalanches to use against your opponents. You'll have unparalleled freedom, and with all the possibilities the physics-based engine has to offer, you'll never have the same play experience twice.
  • In this game, weapons are not something you use to directly damage an opponent, but are items used to create a variety of physics-based effects. A single weapon has a variety of uses, and you'll discover new ways to use them every time you play.
  • The vehicles in Fatal Inertia are highly customizable, and with the large variety of designs and parts at your disposal, you can truly inject your own personality into your ride. You can also save your custom vehicles to a memory card, and take them on the road.
  • This game isn't just about getting to the finish line first, with a wide variety of game modes to choose from. There are several competitive and cooperative modes, and season play that lets you win prizes and gain special items. Whether you're a speed demon or a road warrior, you'll find a mode that's right for you.
  • Desolate woodlands, dusty canyons, giant glacial ranges, and other natural regions are your playground. But the environments are not just there to be sped through - they offer many opportunities to hinder your opponents as well.
  • Take your customized vehicles and play in epic multiplayer combat. With the many ways to use the weapons and environments, every multiplayer battle is sure to be a hotly-contested affair.

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