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Boxing Manager

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Sports
Publisher: dtp

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'Boxing Manager' - Developer Q&A

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2006 @ 12:24 a.m. PST

In the Boxing Manager the player follows in the footsteps of legendary boxing promoters, as he walks the long and winding road to the top of the business. Starting out with a small stable and two unknown talents, he will be able to train and manage up to 30 fighters later in the game.

Negotiate contracts of fighters and staff from around the world, manage your fighter’s training, set up their bouts and determine the strategy during the spectacular fights. The slick menus give you total control over all aspects of your boxing stable.

Manage your finances and collect the funds to sign better boxers and better staff, in order to be able to set up bigger and bigger live events for your fighters and market them via TV, radio and newspaper.

The slick menus, realistic 3D bouts and faithful, motion-captured animations guarantee for authentic boxing atmosphere throughout. In addition, the in-game editor allows you to create new fighters and individually determine their looks, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Q: First can you explain what sort of game Boxing Manager is?

CW: It is a management sim game in the styling of a Football Manager. You start off as head of a new boxing agency with one talented fighter to your name, which you create with the detailed in-game editor that allows you to design fighter’s talents and appearances individually. As your agency grows, you fight your way to the top, training and buying fighters, arranging boxing matches and the promotion deals that go with them.

Q: So it’s a boxing sim with a tycoon styling, but can you explain how this works?

CW: In addition to these tycoon elements, you also have realistic 3D boxing matches that allow you to immerse yourself in the tactics and strategy of the sweet science. You can determine your boxer’s strategy for every phase of the match and for every situation. The outcome of the fights determines the money you make and the experience your boxers gain, which in turn allow you to grow your business, hire new fighters and so on.

Q: Will you be able to fight in the ring yourself or just be the manager on the outside of the ring watching the proceedings?

CW: During the matches, which you can follow over the complete length, with rounds condensed to one minute each, you will watch your fighter as he takes on his competitor. Between rounds, you can give him new instructions, adapt your strategy and immediately see your fighter change his approach.

Q: Do you have rights to access to fighters around today and old school fighters or are your fighters made up fighters?

CW: The Boxing Manager features a huge database of fighters, all with individual strengths, weaknesses, looks and fighting styles, as well as hundreds of staff members, trainers, competing agencies and boxing venues. Due to licensing issues, they all have fictional names.

Q: Can you explain now a little bit of how your empire grows from been a single boxer manager to a having a collection of prize fighters, I would like you to explain is how does your empire grow, and what sort of things you have to do.

CW: After winning your first bouts, the money you can earn increases as your boxer(s) climb the ladder. You will hire more personnel who bring experience to the table, better training your boxers. You boxers also gain experience, which you can spend on talents and special skills as they level up. All this enables you to set up and promote bigger and bigger events, which you advertise first only locally but later on an international level via TV, radio and internet.

Q: Will you be able to fighter other players online in a battle arena?

CW: The Boxing Manager is single-player only.

Q: Will you have a site that has information on famous boxers; with there stats that you can include in your game, lets say you can have Joe Fraser or Muhammad Ally on your books as a fighter? Just a thought ?

CW: That's an interesting idea, but no such plans currently exist. You are very free in creating new boxers – you can shape his face by adjusting more than a dozen parameters, determine facial hair, body hair, tattoos, the fighter’s outfit and so on. By adjusting parameters such as size, robustness, body type you determine the shape and fitness of his body – as well as the weight class he belongs to. That way you can create any type and look of boxer you have in mind

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