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Battlefield 2142

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: EA
Developer: DICE

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'Battlefield 2142' - v1.10 BETA Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 9, 2006 @ 6:17 a.m. PST

Battlefield 2142 is set in the future, the world is plagued by a second Ice Age, and wars have broken out over the remaining territories. Mech Warrior-meets-Battlefield 2 is the best way to describe it, and it is scheduled for "Fall 2006."

Get the Battlefield 2142 v1.10 BETA Patch off WP (34mb)

Which servers will be running the Beta version?

There are Ranked and Unranked servers running the Beta version of the game. Expect more servers to be available as the Beta continues thanks to our affiliated RSPs. Make sure you are using the Advanced filter to show same version servers.

What does the Beta 1.1 Update change?

  • Fix for resupply exploits on unlimited ammo weapons and vehicles.
  • Players may no longer move inside of the cargo bay crates on titans using the sentry drone
  • Demo packs will no longer drop through first section of the 3rd and 4th upper hallways of both titans
  • Away bonus is now properly calculated with in-game promotions
  • Ranks and current score should now be displayed correct.
  • Duty ribbons will no longer be awarded before the needed criteria have been met
  • Stats related to commander score will no longer be randomly reset to zero
  • Unable to tab to password field when using a dedicated server
  • Slowed down the speed that the news ticker cycles through messages
  • Fixed the issue that causes the highlighted section of the server to be shortened when looking at server information
  • Fixed the server browser issue that caused multiple menus to scroll at the same time.
  • EMP effect on gun ships is reduced by 1 second to allow gun ships more survivability.
  • Tuned the SL assault drone to allow for quicker target acquisition.
  • Tweaked pistols: increased ROF clamp values, slightly redused damage fall off over range
  • Tweaked up the damage of the HMG rounds to counter its lower rpm
  • Increased the entry radius points for all vehicles
  • Removed unused range finder setting from EU walker, titan guns to fix the APC/railgun/FAV draw out bug
  • Fix for latency and TV guided missiles: Lowered the acceleration on the missile and fixed firing lag
  • Active cammo will no longer incorrectly offset textures
  • Punkbuster: Change default server port to 17567
  • PAC titan corridor-3 exploit: Moved player collision to stop this
  • PunkBuster: Update to most current PB client files
  • Reserved Slot Enhancement: Reserved slot servers will now allow the full number of player slots to be used by non-RS list players. When a reserved slot player joins the last player to join the server will be kicked.
  • Added unlock control to unranked servers
  • Tier-1 Unlocks: All first tier unlocks can now be made available regardless of player rank on unranked servers
  • Tier restriction control: Admins on unranked servers may now select which unlock tiers are available for use on the server. Please note that this setting does not grant access to unlocks that a player has not earned through ranked play.
  • Unranked Spectator Functionality: Added spectator player slots to unranked servers. Players may join a server as a spectator. Please note that spectator players will need to exit the server and rejoin as a player in order to join a team.
  • Added client functions to help reduce persistent Master Server Disconnects
  • New client login procedure to reduce persistent disconnects by the EA Master server. Please note that this measure will only initiate after the first disconnect occurs. Due to dependencies of the Master server some players may still experience server related disconnects.

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