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'Star Heritage 0: Ship of Ages' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 16, 2006 @ 8:56 a.m. PST

Star Heritage 0: Ship of Ages, an upcoming action/RPG, prequel to Star Heritage 1: The Black Cobra, Step Creative Group's upcoming first-person adventure game remake.

This is the Ship, the perfect invention of the earthlings, the brilliant result of scientific researches, the glory and the hope of humanity, the dream-shuttle. It is huge. It is heading for a distant planet with tens of thousands future settlers onboard.

But hopes are broken by a catastrophe. The hero finds himself in the medical bay badly injured. Irreversible changes happen to the environment while he is unconscious. How much time passed? What caused the catastrophe? Why did the crew split into two confrontational parts? What's happening on the Ship?

They dreamt to wake up in the new world but they became hostages of their space-ark, which is fated to become 'ship of ages'. If you are not afraid of mysteries and you can distinguish friends from enemies, if you like futuristic action games – welcome to Ship of Ages!


  • Classic Sci-Fi Universe;
  • Dramatic plot;
  • Modern 3D graphics;
  • Physical realism;
  • Simple and logical role-playing system;
  • Large choice of weapon and special skills:
  • Genetic transformation of the hero;
  • Dynamic gameplay.

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