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Republik Games Partners With Entertainment Group to Promote 'Spend The Night'

by Rainier on Feb. 22, 2006 @ 1:45 a.m. PST

Republik Games has signed an agreement with TLA Entertainment to market and promote its upcoming videogame Spend the Night, a female-centric, sexually-themed multiplayer dating game.

TLA is well-established in the independent film and video distribution market and this is the company’s first foray into videogames. “We are always looking ahead at new opportunities,” said TLA Partner, Richard Wolff, “TLA has been a long-time supporter of independent film and we see early indicators that stand-out independent games like Spend the Night will be making a serious impact on the market.”

While the exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Republik Games CEO Robert Coshland confirms that TLA will acquire an equity stake in Republik Games in exchange for its marketing and promotional muscle. “The question of marketing and distribution always comes up when you are an independent studio,” said Coshland, “Partnering with TLA will give us strategic leverage in this regard. Also, TLA isn’t shy about handling controversial content and Spend the Night is definitely going to push the boundaries of video game interactions.”

Spend the Night has been the subject of much media speculation in recent months due to its promise of immersive game play that features virtual sex. In the game, players find compatible matches via a built-in network of other Spend the Night users, and then play cooperative “virtual dates”.

“This is not a downloadable chat application; it’s a serious title for the emerging genre of social video gaming” notes Coshland who has been in the video game business since 1997 and has a number of high profile titles to his credit including “The Incredibles” based on the Disney/Pixar film of the same title which sold over 4.5 Million units in 2005.

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