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'Battle of Europe' Goes Gold

by Rainier on March 14, 2006 @ 10:02 a.m. PST

Black Bean today announced that its WW2 flight action title Battle of Europe will be landing in stores on March 31st, offering fast, arcade style gameplay with a historical theme. Players will control the best combat aircraft of the era and even some "top secret" ones! This fast paced title lets players engage their enemies over some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

"...Check your six!"

War is ravaging Europe and your country needs you! Join the RAF and be part of the most daring missions in history. Dog fight with the enemy and prove yourself as the best pilot in the sky!

Players will be able to launch deadly bombing runs, barrel roll and loop the loop through enemy territory. With the addition of secret weapons and special power ups, players have all the right tools to complete their objective! Missions are branched offering gamers more than one option for success and lending good replay value to this already exciting title.

The title brings together an immensely playable and addictive arcade style shoot 'em up with a simulation feel. Become the best pilot in the sky and learn to dogfight in your Spitfire. Listen as the engines struggle with each death defying manoeuvre and hear the bullets glancing off the wings of your precious flying machine! Take to the skies in a wide range of aircraft and take out targets in the air, on the ground and even at sea: Battle of Europe really provides an exciting experience.

"We are very excited to be launching Battle of Europe." Said Marco Minoli, Black Bean's Marketing Director. "This title has everything! It is addictive and great fun there are plenty of missions and it will keep players coming back for more... All this at such a great price really makes this one title not to be missed"

Main features:

  • 16 thrilling historical-based missions
  • Hundreds of accurately modeled airplanes, bases & ships.
  • 8 camera modes
  • Variable weather conditions
  • Fly over the wonderful and varied landscapes of southern England and Europe.
  • Use power ups and unlock secret weapons.

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