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'Gekido: The Dark Angel' (PSP) Developer Interview

by Rainier on March 16, 2006 @ 3:53 a.m. PST

Gekido is a multiplatform fighting game previously developed and published on PSone, GBC, and GBA. This time Gekido PSP is completely rewritten, to bring some fresh air to fighting game players. Gekido will also rewrite the genre by bringing a brand new vision of fighting action games. The NAPS development team gives us some more information, new screens included...

Q: What about the problem with PSP controls ?

We spent a lot of time and hot discussion with different focus group to implement the best control available on PSP. Our main aim was to create a game with the same feeling of old arcades , where ANYONE could get easy into the game right from the first moment, without being a simple game . Think about Double dragon in late '87 still do so many actions that last generation game don't !!!! This isn't a simple game but it has a simple control

Q: Gekido on Psone had the comic superstar JOE MADUREIRA. Will the great MAD join this new Gekido too ?

We always loved MADUREIRA style, he was perfect to bring the american/manga fighting action related to the first Gekido. We are Joe good friend, he loved the Gekido series, and we'll be more than happy to have new astonishing covers and Adv from his magic pencil ! He is and will be one of our favourite artist ever !

Q: What do you say to people saying main character of Gekido is quite similar to Dante ?

Well I think it's time to meet our hero ! He is called SAMUEL and about Dante's similar look, I suppose the only common thing between the 2 characters is the white hair colour. SAMUEL and DANTE are very different each other ( not just visual ). Just let me say SAMUEL has a skirt and a short brown leather jacket with black trousers D&G ( very Indy ) , Do people really remind Dante's green trousers and long red coat ? or it's just because our hero is cool as the great DANTE ;)

Anyway I do want to remind to people that ,when Dante went out on the screens people who knew the most famous ( at that time ) TRIGUN thought he was a clone of VASH or even AKIRA of VF was addicted to one of DRAGONBALL character so we take the comments as a compliments and we wish it takes the same fortune to us too.
Btw the sword on SAMUEL's shoulder isn't a simple sword as it seems but...Hey do you really want to know everything now ?

Q: Can you tell us a little more about environment , story and characters ? What about npc ?

The game and story tells about an ancient italic village and it's citizens ( we are Italian ! so we decided to tell something more about the secrets of a place we very well know ). Shortly... story tells about an archaeologist searching for a legend hidden into unveiled scrolls . A legend lost in time when demons controlled the earth. I can't tell you more about it for the moment, but I can say characters will have an important role into the story and game flow.

In this new Gekido we wanted a game that let player feel the story and not watch it as a simple spectator ( as most of the actual commercial games does ). During the game player will meet plenty of characters that will evolve the story events. Nothing is like it seems and there will be many of dramatic events. Gekido will thrill you , will let you smile, you'll live a breathtaking adventure without rivals

Q: Why do you decided to develop your brand new Gekido on PSP ?

PSP is a great console, with a lot of unexpressed power, and as player we would like to bring on a "REAL" game ( as it happened for Zelda Link's awakening ) instead of a simple porting from PS2 , revival of old glories or reduced new versions of big PS2 brothers. If you buy an handheld game it doesn't mean you bought a "reduced game".

Q: How long time you are working on Gekido ?

About 2 years, but the game had a lot of changes . Started as the natural sequel of Gekido GBA , while working it assumed it's own mood, so we decided to move the game location from Japan ( as Gekido Kintaro's revenge ) to Italy.
The game is quite huge and we are sure it will keep player hooked for long long time,

Q: We understood Gekido isn't a simple fighting game, so could you give us an example to understand what kind of things you can find in Gekido ?

Entering in the big church ( you can see in the trailer and picture ) you will meet a lot of people. There's low light in it, just few torches illuminates the paths. Talking with the fat priest, you'll know that an earthquake few days ago felt of debris the way of light coming from the tower. Unfortunately a big piece of wall fallen from the top locked the tower main entrance. Asking to people outside and inside the church you'll know interesting information about church construction ages and its mysterious architect...Player has to find the way to reach the top of the tower where.....Hey I can't release a complete walkthrough at this time ! ahah

Q: When do you plan to release Gekido "the dark angel" ?

We are pushing to be out for Christmas 2006 , but we'll be available at E3 for all the interested journalists of course.

Q: Did you decided the publisher that will distribute Gekido ?

We are really happy about the interest grown around Gekido by big publishers, but our first aim is to develop the game at it's best for the game and for the audience, without any pressure, if you know what I mean. So we are still evaluating...

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