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'Train Empire' - Screens

by Rainier on March 20, 2006 @ 1:20 a.m. PST

Train Empire offers a strategy experience of depth and intrigue. The player is presented the task of connecting cities by strategically placing railway lines from one location to another, as well as managing the railway network where the trains' schedules must run like clockwork for delays could incur hefty fines

Starting off with the simple instructive of linking two towns and just a few trains waiting for departure "Train Empire" expands into an immense and compelling chain of routes and interconnections.

Presented within a detailed 3D world with unlimited landscape, the undertaking of constructing and fashioning links between towns where you have mountains and undulating landscapes which are full of organic life, trees and wild life, presents logical brain teasing and captivating puzzles to overcome.

With an easy to understand and use interface your set of tools to create your own empire could not be more intuitive but you must try to think a few steps ahead. If you cause too much damage creating the network then you will soon find your resources are running low and only by gaining revenue from trains arriving at their destination on time will you have money to spend on construction and repairs.

"Train Empire" has an evolutionary time feature where play starts off in Europe in 1830 and progresses to the modern day will present the player with a building progression. As the network grows larger you must take into account that the trains will get faster and even longer and could have untold effect on other areas. You must plan and create routes with the future in mind and you will soon find out that every decision could have either a beneficial or adverse knock on effect.

With onscreen information and dialogue boxes, a top down map to gauge more precisely where to lay your track route, plus the main environment screen, you will soon be on the way to creating your own railway network.

Features include:

  • Beautifully detailed 3D environment: terrain, water, trees, mountains, birds and even cow herds.
  • Bridges, tunnels, semaphores, switches.
  • Up to 8 cities over a map.
  • Free camera view.
  • Smooth evolution: cities grow, trains evolve.

"Train Empire" offers a highly original and unique challenge with many rewards and is easy to understand but hard to master. Do you have what it takes to control your own empire?

"Train Empire" 7+ rating will be published by IncaGold and distributed by Pinnacle in March 2006.


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