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'From Russia With Love' (PSP) Unlockable Characters Revealed - Screens

by Rainier on March 23, 2006 @ 5:36 p.m. PST

From Russia With Love features movie-based missions as well as original, action-intensive sequences, a broad and deep variety of gameplay, social multiplayer experiences, and classic, upgradeable weapons and gadgetry with modern mechanics. EA revealed today that Dr. No, Xenia Onatopp, Scaramanga, Pussy Galore, Goldfinger, and Oddjob are all unlockable multiplayer characters.

Sean Connery, the original Bond, plays the role as the dapper Mi6 agent in this innovative, retro-styled and highly anticipated handheld title from the revered Bond franchise. From Russia With Love for the PSP gives players the opportunity to experience the timeless fiction of the classic James Bond movie. Invest in your character and customize Bond for a whole new level of gameplay options.

From Russia With Love for the PSP gives players the opportunity to experience the timeless fiction of the classic James Bond movie, From Russia With Love, starring Sean Connery as James Bond. Invest in your character and customize the ultimate Bond for a whole new level of gameplay options, including an all new single player mode consisting of 8 exciting missions, multiplayer mode with ad-hoc wireless, 16 new Bond challenges, several new unlockable characters, and classic Bond gadgets and weapons.

Dr. No

Dr. No is the eponymous villain in the first movie of the James Bond franchise. Dr. No set a precedent in the Bond fiction as 007’s megalomaniacal antagonist out for power, money or both. A scientist and inventor skilled in biology, atomic research, and aeronautics, Dr. No is also a brilliant and deadly tactician.

Xenia Onatopp

Xenia Onatopp was the feisty villainess in the classic 1995 film, Goldeneye. Xenia lives life "in the fast lane” and enjoys a good squeeze more than your average girl.


Francisco Scaramanga is the best and most sought after assassin in the world. His million dollar fee and dead-aim with his Golden Gun make put his services in high demand. Scaramanga is calm, always in control and generally polite natured…but when it comes to carrying out an assassination, he is cold-blooded and has nerves of steel.

Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore is Goldfinger's personal pilot. Pussy is a memorable Bond girl with a strong dislike for men. With her team of female pilots (Pussy Galore's Flying Circus), she helps to foil Goldfinger's plan to break into Fort Knox by replacing the canisters of deadly gas she was supposed to spray around the gold reserve with a harmless substitute.


One of the most famous and sinister of all of the Bond villains to date, Auric Goldfinger's remarkable planning and ruthless execution makes him more than a match for Bond's ingenuity. Goldfinger's plan to break into Fort Knox was perhaps one of the most daring to date.


Although not the best golf caddy in the world, Goldfinger's mute Korean manservant, Odd Job, makes up for it in many other ways. Remembered chiefly for his steel rimmed bowler hat, Odd Job is as close to an invulnerable opponent as 007 has ever faced.

Key PSP system Features

  • Single Player Mode: The single player mode consists of 8 exciting missions, split into 32 stages for extended gameplay. Players begin in London, using jet packs and helicopters to land their first mission. Following missions include Bond style rescues in the Gypsy Camp or a stealth venture through Sniper Alley.
  • Multiplayer Mode with Ad-hoc Wireless: The unique multiplayer mode allows players to go head to head in 3 different game modes, including death match, team death match, and last man standing. Each mode can be trekked on foot or zooming around in the classic Bond jet pack. New maps, new villains and Bots have all been added to make multiplayer on the PSP system even more compelling.
  • Classic Bond Gadgets and Weapons: Classic Bond gadgets and weapons give players the ability to play in the shoes of 007. Classic secret weapons include Jet Pack, Leopard Piercing Rifle, Laser Watch, Serum Gun, Q-Dart, Grenade and Bazooka and the all-new Q-Dart.
  • Bond Challenges: Players can delve into eight Bond challenges, each with unique strategies and rules. Locations range from London or a Gypsy Camp to a classic train or retro factory.
  • New Unlockable Features: Unlockables add to the extensive PSP gameplay and further Bond challenges.
  • Sean Connery: Provided his likeness and conducted voiceover for Bond

Officially licensed by MGM Interactive, From Russia With Love is being developed by EA's Redwood Shores, Calif. Development studio.

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