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'Dungeon Lords Collectors Edition' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 10, 2006 @ 8:57 a.m. PDT

Dreamcatcher has released a new demo for the Collectors Edition of Heuristic Park's action/RPG Dungeon Lords. This v1.5 demo allows you to try three of the seven playable races, various enemies, several pieces of weaponry, and armor, as well as a number of spells. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Dungeon Lords Collectors Edition Demo off WP (550mb)

Dungeon Lords is an action-driven RPG (Role-playing game) set in a fantasy setting where YOU become the hero in a fantastic adventure story. The great wizard Galdryn of the Meadows has been slain by a deadly conspiracy within the Circle of Mages and his chief ally, Lord Davenmor, now struggles to save his kingdom from a marauding army. Lord Davenmor has promised his daughter Ellowyn's hand in marriage to the evil Lord Barrowgrim to quell the invasion, but her heart belongs to another and after learning of her father's pledge she has vanished. Sensing treachery, Lord Barrowgrim has sent his army once to destroy Lord Davenmor and raze the kingdom. You enter the story outside of Davenmor's stronghold of Fargrove, where you receive a mysterious summons...

To Play the Game:

1) Launch the Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition Demo shortcut.
2) From the Main Menu select Single Player.
3) Select Create New Character
4) Decide your Race and class, and allocate your ADV points as you want. Click
on Play this Character when done.
5) Start playing.
You can also adjust various settings like controls, video settings, and game options of the Main Menu under the Options selection.

2. System Requirements
2.1. Minimum:
OS: Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP with DirectX 9.0c or greater
CPU: 1.0 GHz processor
RAM: 384 MB
CD-ROM/DVD-ROM: 4X speed
Hard Drive Space: 1.6 GB available
Video: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 card with hardware
Transform & Lighting support (NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS or better)*
Sound: DirectX 8.1b or better compatible
Input: Keyboard and mouse
2.2. Recommended:
OS: Windows® XP with DirectX 9.0c or greater
CPU: 2.4 GHz processor
RAM: 512 MB
CD-ROM/DVD-ROM: 4X speed
Hard Drive Space: 1.6 GB available
Video: 128 MB DirectX 9 card (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 or better)*
Sound: DirectX 8.1b or better compatible
Input: Keyboard and mouse
2.3. Required for multiplayer:
1 Dungeon Lords disc per player per computer
Internet (2-8 players): 56Kbps or faster Internet connection
with high-speed broadband strongly recommended.
Local Network (2-8 players): TCP/IP compliant LAN

3. DirectX 9 and Drivers

Dungeon Lords has been tested with a variety of video
and sound cards. Please ensure all drivers are up to date for the
system hardware, especially for video cards.
Please note that the game doesnot curently work with the Intel Extreme
Graphics chipset - this chipset does not support Hardware Transform
and Lighting.
The latest drivers for NVIDIA based cards can be found here:
The latest drivers for ATI based cards can be found here:
Dungeon Lords requires DirectX 9.0c. If your system does not meet this
requirement, DirectX 9.0c will be automatically installed during the Dungeon Lords installation. However, if problems are encountered with DirectX you
may wish to obtain the latest version directly from Microsoft:

4. Performance and Configuring

Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition requires both good CPU and Graphics
processing power for an optimum playing experience. If you find your
framerate to be too low, please adjust your video settings under the
Options Menu.

5. Additional Information

New monsters native to Dungeon Lords collector's Edition are located at
various areas throughout the demo. Mushmen can be found in the wilderness
backwoods near the goblin shacks outside of Fargrove. Be careful as they
are tough!
Beware also of the Carrion Wyrm there for an unlucky souls who find it in
the Sewers.
Dungeon Lords does not currently support multitasking when run as a full-screen
application. If you use the Alt-Tab key combination to minimize the game you
will need to close it from the Task Manager and will lose any progress since
your last save.
You can play Dungeon Lords in a window by running the executable using the
command line parameter "dlords -gdi". Playing in this mode will allow you
to switch between applications, however mouselook will no longer work.
NOTE: Additional information on the Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition
v1.5 release and the contents of this secton can be found, along with
other translations online at:

6. Uninstalling Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition Demo

To uninstall Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition Demo:
Browse to the Dungeon Lords folder on your Start Menu, then select "Uninstall."
Alternatively, you can open your Control Panel, choose "Add/Remove Programs,"
select Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition Demo and then click "Remove."

7. Technical Support & Contact

If you are experiencing technical problems with this software, and you have
carefully followed the instructions in this readme, you may find further
support in the following places:
Please visit the Technical Support section of our Web site at:
Online Support
We have posted common problems and solutions that may help you. We also
suggest that you complete the Technical Support form located at our Web site.
Please provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing
(i.e. error message, where in the game the problem occurs, etc.). This will
help our Representatives find a solution much quicker.
Dreamcatcher Europe
Site Web:
Tech-Line (France uniquement): 08 25 15 33 84 (0.15/mn). Du lundi au vendredi de 10h à 13h et de 14h à 18h.
Solutions (France uniquement): 08 92 68 99 10 (0.34/mn, 24h/24h).

8. Related Web Sites

Dungeon Lords Collector's Edition is brought to you by Heuristic Park and
DreamCatcher Games. Please visit us online at:
The official Dungeon Lords website and forums.
DreamCatcher's North American website.
DreamCatchers's European website.
The website of Heuristic Park.

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