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Empire Above All

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: 1C Company

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'Empire Above All' Revealed - 20 New Screens

by Rainier on April 22, 2006 @ 12:42 p.m. PDT

Become a squad leader in a new generation Action RTS! Feel the heat of battle as you would in a first-person shooter! To gain victory in Empire Above All, you’ll need to make lightning-fast decisions, command your soldiers, plan assaults to capture territory, and organize defense to hold it.<br> In the distant future, mankind has reached for the stars. A totalitarian government directs the exploration of space and the colonization of new worlds, while armies of empire suppress rebellions. Humanity is preparing to war with alien races… not knowing that it is itself alien in the universe.

Players will follow the adventures of an elite unit of Empire's army - the "Weltraum" brigade. "Weltraum" acts on the frontier, the border of the Human sector of space, where soldiers and officers of the brigade counter the most terrible foes.


  • Reaching out for reality. Contemporary game means spectacular graphics, and "Empire above all" is no exception. Integration of latest technologies brings real shadows, glow and reflections, dynamic lighting, highly detailed models and amazing effects - making virtual world real.
  • Law of nature. Sinking buildings and still environments are left in the past. Owing to the integration of the innovative physics engine PhysX by Ageia, the world of "Empire above all" became fully interactive. Projectile hitting the house brings down the wall... Nearby blast throws a soldier off like a ragdoll... Wooden debris falling into the water float on the surface... Everything happens just as it would in real life!
  • "Empire above all" will support the revolutionary AGEIA PhysX Processor.
  • Unusual enemy. One of the major gameplay features of "Empire above all" is a fascinating struggle against strange monsters from another planets. Remember old arcades where you would spend countless hours trying to find a weak point of another boss? You'd better recall that skill, because every monster in "Empire above all" is unique!
  • Play the role. The story of "Empire above all" takes place in a world of a distant future, where humanity exchanged freedom for security, civil rights for stability and democracy - for totalitarism. Few rebels prepare doomed riots, alien ships scout the boundaries of human space. "Empire above all" is a chance to live in that time, to be carried away to the far future and stand up for the survival of Humanity in the dreadful war with Aliens.

Current release date - 4th quarter 2006

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