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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Funcom
Developer: Funcom

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Empire Brings 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey' (Xbox/PC) To The UK

by Rainier on April 7, 2006 @ 5:10 a.m. PDT

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is an action-packed thriller set in a large and varied game world mixing gritty reality with imaginative fantasy. The game features three worlds, three distinctly different playable characters, and exciting action-adventure gameplay wrapped in a mature, exhilarating, and innovative storyline.

Dreamfall is set in the 23rd Century, where a young woman accidentally uncovers a conspiracy related to dreams; a conspiracy that may herald the destruction of the twin worlds of science and magic. Confronted by mysteries that she cannot resolve on her own, she must seek assistance from the one person who might have the answers: April Ryan, the heroine of The Longest Journey.

The second instalment of an epic journey that began with ‘The Longest Journey’, Dreamfall is an action-packed thriller which is once again set to redefine the Adventure game genre with its incredibly ambitious, lively and convincing universe. Featuring three fully playable characters, each with their own distinctive playing style, personality and skill set, Dreamfall offers an exciting and diverse gameplay experience. And with multiple paths throughout the game with every situation offering multiple solutions, Dreamfall invites you to use your brain, your brawn and the environment to progress through the game YOUR way. (Have shortened and simplified)

In addition to its diverse cast of playable characters and its emergent gameplay, Dreamfall also has a rich canvas of worlds to play in and explore. There is Stark, a world of science in a realistic vision of an Earth of the future with locations spanning across a range of continents. To Arcadia, the world of magic, a fantasy realm with fantastic vistas and magnificent creatures. And The Winter, a mystical place outside of the boundaries of time and space, where a sinister black house holds a terrifying secret.

Key Features

  • Three fully playable characters, each with the own distinctive playing style, personality and skill set
    • Zoe Castillo; the smart, streetwise and appealing “girl next door”
    • April Ryan, the dark and angry rebel
    • Kian; the mysterious and exotic assasin
  • Three radically different game worlds
    • Stark, the world of science, a realistic future earth with locations spanning the continents.
    • Arcadia, the world of magic, a fantasy realm with fantastic vistas and creatures
    • The Winter, a mystical place outside time and space, where a black house holds a terrifying secret
  • Exciting and diverse Action Adventure gameplay
    • Choose your path. Every situation has alternate solutions. Use your brains, your brawns, the environment, or items you have acquired to progress
    • Combat. Hand-to-hand, or with sword and quartersta?. Learn new moves through the game
    • Thrilling set-pieces. Real-time cinematic sequences where you are in control of the outcome.
    • Stealth action. Sneak past or distract enemies to avoid confrontations
      Quests and missions. Speak with strange and intriguing characters, make allies and enemies, and embark on epic quests.
    • Travel between worlds, play mini-games, and dig into a powerful and emotional storyline
  • 7.1 surround audio, an original orchestral soundtrack and live musicians Large, detailed and interactive environments

Empire Interactive will publish Dreamfall: The Longest Journey in the UK this coming May.

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